Emmerdale fans confused at how Mucky Moira survived 15 minutes under water


EMMERDALE viewers were scratching their heads last night as Moira Barton managed to survive after being trapped underwater for ’15 minutes’.

Moira was knocked off the boat at the end of Tuesday’s episode, then spent the first part of last night’s show at the bottom of the lake.

Moira became tangled in some netting below the surface
At one point it looked like it was game over

Although husband Cain eventually rescued her after she got her foot caught in some netting, she didn’t come up for air until just before the first ad break.

And while Cain did breathe oxygen into her mouth while she was trapped, fans weren’t buying how she emerged from the water and seemed unaffected.

“Most far fetched episode of Emmerdale I think I’ve ever watched,” one disgruntled viewer posted on twitter.

“How Moira survived been [sic] trapped under water all that time I’ll never know.”

Cain came to Moira’s rescue but struggled to free her initially
He breathed air into her mouth underwater
She eventually emerged just before the first ad break

Another sarcastically said: “How is Moira still alive, she’s been trapped under the water for 24 hours?”

A third wrote: “So Nate’s spluttering like mad after being knocked into the water and Moira was underwater for 15 minutes and isn’t even coughing?”

A fourth said: “So Moira was just having an underwater nap or what?”

And a fifth chipped in: “Moira and Cain are now in the Guinness Book of Records for non aided underwater breathing.”

But while viewers felt the show stretched the realms of credibility, they were full of praise for Cain’s heroism.

Despite his fury at discovering his wife had cheated on him with his son Nate, he still put that aside to save them both.

Fans branded him a hero after he freed Moira from a watery grave before saving Nate after the boat exploded.

Moira spotted Nate clinging on to wreckage among the flames and begged Cain to go back for him.

Cain saved Nate after the explosion
He left Moira and Nate at the side of the lake alone
He then drove off in a fury

Eventually giving in, he went back for his son and told him:“You won’t die. Not today.” before helping him to safety.

Without saying a word, he stormed to his car and sped off as a distraught Moira shouted after him.

Viewers were full of praise for the soap heartthrob, with one writing on Twitter: “Say what you want about Cain, but he saved both their lives tonight. He’s a real hero. #Emmerdale”

A second posted: “Cain left Moira & Nate there, what will he do next ?? #Emmerdale”

As a third shared: “#emmerdale well done Cain. Just leave them. You managed not to kill them so now leave them. You’ve done your bit. But don’t now crash on the way home. The way she just said “…til you meet Cain” to her new baby means Cain will crash and nearly die.”