Emmerdale fans convinced Andrea Tate is ALIVE after tense memorial service scene


SPECULATION kicked off online after Wednesday’s memorial service episode of Emmerdale raised even more questions for fans.

Viewers were shocked as serial killer Meena Jutla struck again, killing off yet another beloved character, Andrea Tate.

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Andrea Tate is still alive
Although her body was identified by mother-in-law Kim Tate – fans are still left with questions

The show revealed that Andrea was brutally murdered with a blow to the head and left in a burning maze, where her body was found the next day.

Although her body was identified by mother-in-law Kim Tate, fans still question whether there could be a surprise return.

Rumours started after the intense memorial service saw villain mother-in-law Kim Tate and Andreas biological mother, Hazel, nearly come to blows in a row over the custody of her daughter Millie. 

Andrea’s mother Hazel rowed with Kim over the way she treated Andrea when she was alive.

Emotions escalated when Hazel dropped a bombshell about Andrea and her daughter Millie to Kim, who had been attempting to gain full custody of Millie. 

Hazel claimed Kim had no right to Millie and Hazel was named as Millie’s legal guardian shortly before Andrea’s death.

With Kim and Andrea’s rocky past, Kim had also been accused of her murder, especially after the vicious row took place between them before her death, leaving Andrea taking out a restraining order against Kim.

The cliffhanger finished up as Hazel dropped the news, leaving fans gossiping about whether Andrea could have faked her death and is in hiding awaiting her moment for revenge against evil Meena.

One fan tweeted: “I still don’t think she’s dead.”

A second agreed: “Still not having Andrea dead or Jamie.”

Another fan tweeted: “I’d love it if Emmerdale sprang a real surprise on everyone and Andrea was alive, ready to step in and set up Meena and FINALLY get her caught. Now that would be a class twist Emmerdale.”

Although the show reveals no signs of reversing Andreas’ death, I guess there’s no harm in speculating.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

Andrea’s mum Hazel nearly came to blows with Kim over the custody of her daughter Millie

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