Emmerdale fans convinced another Dingle will be killed in storm after very worrying signs

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EMMERDALE fans are convinced ANOTHER Dingle will be killed in the storm after very some worrying signs.

The 50th anniversary week on Emmerdale has already seen the wind storm claim two victims; Harriet Finch and as of Wednesday night, Liv Dingle/Flaherty, while Faith Dingle passed away before the chaos hit last Thursday.

Emmerdale fans are convinced another Dingle will die as a result of the storm

Amelia gave birth to her first baby

While the storm had passed by the start of tonight’s episode, the village was still dealing with the aftermath and there’s still a chance another resident could bite the dust.

At one point, Belle Dingle spoke to dad Zak about Sam Dingle’s successful surgery after he was impaled on tractor equipment in the storm.

She then ran upstairs to tell Samson, before returning and asking her dad where he was, as it looked like he hadn’t been home in the night.

Zak said he had assumed his grandson was at the hospital waiting for news on his dad, but Belle told him not to worry and she would text him to see where he was.

The camera then panned to Samson’s smashed up phone ringing in a field covered in debris from the storm, with the teen nowhere in sight.

However, he isn’t the only Dingle that Emmerdale viewers think could be in trouble, as some were worried about Noah too.

During the episode the teen was safe and sound in the hospital helping girlfriend Amelia welcome her baby girl – despite the baby being Samson’s.

After her safe arrival, Noah had a heart to heart with his mum Charity in the hospital corridor, where she said she would do anything for him.

They reminisced about some of Charity’s wild parenting moments as he was growing up before he said: “I love you mum”.

But considering Liv had told Vinny she loved him before they headed out into the storm and she ended up being crushed under a caravan and dying, some fans fear Noah’s soppy moment with Charity is a red flag of impending doom.

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts on both Dingle teens, with one writing: “Well if Samson is a goner that’ll leave the space on the birth certificate for Noah. Very neat and tidy. #emmerdale.”

Another added: “#emmerdale Is Samson a goner too?”

A third tweeted: “I forgot all about Samson.”

Samson’s phone was seen smashed up

Noah had a heart-to-heart with Charity

Samson Dingle is missing, but his family has only just realised
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