Emmerdale fans convinced Belle Dingle and Nate Robinson set for incest twist


EMMERDALE fans are convinced that Belle Dingle and Nate Robinson are set for romance in what would be an incest twist.

The pair played by Eden Taylor-Draper and Jurell Carter have been getting on well since it was revealed that Nate is Cains son.

Viewers think they spotted a look between Nate and Belle

Belle is Nates half aunt because she is Cains half-sister, which would make them related.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted them exchanging a glance when it was revealed that Nate wouldnt be invited to the Dingles for Christmas.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: Why am I sensing somethint between Nate and belle? Dingle romance strikes again #emmerdale.

A second tweeted: Yeah Nate totally likes belle but shes his half auntie… yo #emmerdale going all #GameofThrones on us.

Belle seemed concerned for Nate after he wasn’t invited to Christmas
Belle is Cain’s half-sister – and he is Nate’s dad

While a third commented: Why dont you have a quick pop at your auntie Belle before you go, Nate son? #Emmerdale.

The Dingles have been in turmoil since it was revealed that Cains wife Moira was sleeping with Nate.

Nate seduced Moira and slowly ripped her marriage to Cain apart as part of a revenge plot because he believed Cain had abandoned him.

But Nates vendetta against Cain was all for nothing after a devastated Cain revealed he had no idea that Nate even existed.

While the rest of the Dingles seemed to accept Nate, Cain refused and urged them all to side with him.

Devastated Nate was rejected by everyone and faces spending Christmas alone.