Emmerdale fans convinced Billy Fletcher will be KILLED as Woolpack fire plot kicks off


EMMERDALE fans are convinced they have worked out how Billy Fletcher will be KILLED as the Woolpack fire plot kicks off.

It comes as serial killer Meena Jutla seems set on taking the life of another victim, with Chas dropping a huge hint about the Woolpack’s involvement on Monday.

Fans think that Billy is going to be a victim in the Woolpack fire
Viewers have speculated that Al will set fire to the pub

Discussing the pub’s relaunch – focusing on Al’s new business strategies – Chas revealed that if things don’t improve they “may as well set fire to the place”.

Fans are convinced that the Woolpack will be set on fire by Al as part of a revenge scheme directed at Chas – with Billy being caught up in the flames.

But Al won’t be the one to murder Billy, with viewers sure that it will be Meena that ensures the Tall Trees resident dies in the fire.

“No doubt Meena will kill Billy in another jealous rage, then dispose of him in the Woolpack fire – thereby letting Al think he’s killed his son,” one fan speculated.

Someone else added: “So the Woolpack is getting blown up at Christmas, again. It got wrecked twice in the 90s in the place crash, and then a few years later when they left candles on the bar overnight. Oh, and it got flattened by a storm.”

A third theorised: “So the fire to the Woolpack is supposed to happen at Christmas, I bet it will be Al doing this.”

Meena’s rage could be further sparked as Billy spends time with his old flame Dawn in upcoming episodes of the show – and even shares a kiss with her.

This week, Billy is set to confess he still has feelings for Dawn, who killed DI Malone in episodes earlier this year.

Billy finds himself lying to Meena about where he has been when he and Dawn try and get some time alone – but nothing gets past the killer.

She seems to have already cottoned on to what’s going on behind her back, as last night she too leaned in for a kiss with Billy to win him over.

Fans were left terrified that it confirmed Billy would be the serial killer’s next victim as she looks to dispose of yet another Emmerdale resident.

“Oh Billy, big mistake kissing mean, evil, nasty Meena! This is not going to end well for you at all,” one viewer wrote to Twitter.

“Billy is her next target,” a third person agreed, as a fourth predicted: “So Billy or Dawn are Meena’s next victim?”

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Viewers are convinced Meena will have something to do with the plot