Emmerdale fans convinced Rhona and mucky Moira will have steamy same sex fling after flirty ‘date’


EMMERDALE viewers have predicted romance between Rhona Goskirk and Moira Barton.

The vet and the farmer – who are played by actresses Zoe Henry and Natalie J Robb in the ITV soap – were seen growing closer in tonight’s episode.

Rhona and Moira were seen getting close in tonight’s episode

Rhona had called round to check on Moira after realising how much she was struggling to cope running the farm alone.

After Moira said she was planning to sell her lambs unchecked because she couldn’t afford the vet fees, Rhona offered to do it for her for free.

But while carrying out her duties, Rhona lost a battle of wills with a sheep and ended up caked in mud.

As Moira returned the pair began talking about how hard Moira’s life had been and Rhona began sobbing.

Rhona broke down on the farm

All the pain of her ex-husband, rapist Pierce Harris, murdering Graham Foster bubbled up and the pair shared a heart to heart.

Moira asked her: “Why didn’t you tell me to shut up instead of letting me blather on about how hard my life is?”

Rhona said: “I guess you struck a chord. Things haven’t exactly been easy work wise. I’ve been scrambling around for locum work but jobs are few and far between.

“I know I should be happy that [Pierce has] been found guilty but at this moment in time the only person I can think about is Graham. And it’s been made worse by the fact that I never got to say goodbye to him.

There was absolutely no way Kim was ever going to let me near that funeral.”

Fans have predicted a shock fling

Moira then told Rhona she’d never get the mud out of her overalls with Rhona replying: “We look a right pair, don’t we?”

But then flirty encounter had fans convinced the two singletons may be sharing more than friendship in the future.

One wrote: “Are we going to get Moira and Rhona together next?”

A second said: “You know, Moira and Rhona would actually make a great couple.”

Another added: “Are Moira and Rhona going to get it on???”