Emmerdale fans disgusted as Alex makes vile threat to sell his children to paedophiles


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted after Alex made a vile threat about his children Lucas and Clemmie.

The criminal returned to the village last night after being released from prison for alleged good behaviour.

Vile Alex has threatened to sell his own kids to paedophiles

Will gave Alex a hiding as he bundled him into Kim’s car boot

But true to form he wanted cash from ex Dawn – and he made a sickening threat towards his children if she didn’t pay up.

He demanded the entire amount of cash that Harriet Finch had left Dawn in her will – as well as double on top.

As her stepmother Kim confronted Alex, she told him she would pay the extra £25k – on condition that he sign away all parental rights and allow Billy to adopt both Lucas and Clemmie.

He thought he could get one over on her by demanding the cash up front, so when she agreed to half, he jumped at it.

She then lured him to the boot of her Range Rover, hinting the cash was there.

But when he got there, Will punched him and the couple loaded him up and drove off to an abandoned barn on Home Farm estates.

They had Alex tied up and Kim came back into her own.

Gleefully she told a struggling Alex: “Oh please, continue to struggle and chafe your wrists terribly and I’ll find it enormously amusing.

“Do you know who I am? I’m Will’s wife. Which as Will is Dawn’s father, that makes me her stepmother. Put it another way – that makes her part of my family.

“And I’ll go to great lengths to protect my family – the ones who deserve it at least.”

She then told him that his price was too high – and that he was no longer getting even the £25,000 he was offered – and then she casually left him in the barn to think about it.

But when they got back, Alex made a sickening threat against Lucas and Clemmie.

As Will said he’s not interested in the kids, Alex replied: “Plenty of people would be though – those with special web browsers. 

“The cash people like that would pay would make your £50k look like pocket money.”

Will was enraged by the vile threat – and brutally beat Alex to within an inch of his life.

As he came too, Kim offered to fetch a chainsaw, before telling Alex the offer was now £10k – and that for every day he refused, the offer would drop.

Viewers were disgusted at his evil threats.

One wrote: “Alex is proper scum.”

A second said: “Alex deserved that punch.”

Another added: “Oh please stop Alex from reappearing. He’s a lost cause #Emmerdale.”

Kim wants Alex out of his kids’ lives
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