Emmerdale fans disgusted as Mary Goskirk becomes victim of sex photo blackmail plot


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted after Mary Goskirk became the victim of a sex photo blackmail attempt.

The retired journalist – who is played by actress Louise Jameson in the ITV soap – was contacted by her scheming ex Faye in tonight’s episode.

Emmerdale’s Mary Goskirk becomes victim of sex photo blackmail plot by Faye Helders

Summoning her to a meeting Faye claimed she loved Mary and she wanted her back.

But with Mary not falling for her act, Faye dropped it and showed her nasty side.

Sending Mary a naked picture of herself, Faye told her she would send it to all her friends and family and leave her humiliated – unless she withdrew her statement.

“I tried being friendly,” she spat. “I remember how embarrassed you were about your body, how shy. It’s quite sweet really. 

“I cannot believe you let me take that photo. I hate to use the word gullible but here we are.” 

Mary was horrified but Faye continued: “It’s not personal. You may it personal when you reported it to the police and got me arrested. 

“I might as well send this picture to everyone you know. All you have to do is withdraw your statement and drop the charges and it’ll go away. 

“You’ll never have to see me again. If it goes to court, it’ll get ugly but it doesn’t have to come to that. 

“You know how to stop it. I don’t make idle threats, I’ll do it. I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Revealing she had downloaded Mary’s contacts while she was asleep in case they came in handy, Faye took delight in taunting Mary.

She then told her: “You’ve got two days to withdraw your statement and if you don’t, I will destroy your life.”

Viewers are disgusted with Faye’s sickening threat and behaviour.

One wrote: “Don’t let her blackmail you Mary, just show people the photo then she will have nothing.”

A second said: “isn’t Faye absolutely horrid!”

Another added: “Call her bluff Mary. She’ll the arrested for that and all!”