Emmerdale fans fear Jamie has killed Moira after shocking hit-and-run sees mystery figure left for dead


EMMERDALE fans think Jamie has killed Moira after he hit a mystery figure and left them for dead.

While in a rush to track down wife Andrea, the vet was driving too fast and by the time he saw the person by the side of the road it was too late.

Jamie is stunned after he ran over a mystery figure while trying to find Andrea

Jamie was left reeling by his former lover’s choice to take off and leave daughter Millie with him.

His mum Kim ensured the five-year-old would be okay with her and he should return to work, but he couldn’t settle without knowing where the mother of his child would be.

Desperate for answers, Jamie stormed into Layla’s office and accused her and Andrea of “plotting against him.”

The wedding planner would respond by telling him that Andra returned to the village but fled after one night once she saw Jamie cosying up to new flame Belle.

Andrea ran off and left Millie with Jamie

It then cut to Andrea in a hotel sobbing while looking at a picture of her daughter.

Belle came round to Home Farm and offered to make Jamie feel better by ordering Chinese, but she would soon be left on her own when the Tate’s received a call regarding Andrea’s whereabouts.

Jamie said: “I think I know where she is, she’s found another hotel to hide out in,” and said he needed to find her for Millie’s sake.

The end of the episode saw Jamie speeding away in his car in a quest to find Andrea, but as he took his eye off the road to look at his satnav, the car bumped into a mystery figure at full force, causing them to collapse.

Jamie looked on in horror and slammed on the breaks, but after a pause, he decided to keep going and leave the mystery person for dead.

Fans were shocked by the incident and speculated on Twitter over who Jamie hit.

One fan seems convinced that they know the answer as they wrote: “Oh my god Jamie how dare you hit Moira !! Cain will have your guts on the table !!! #Emmerdale.”

A second viewer thinks they know who Jamie knocked over: “Omg Jamie how fast do you want to go. Oh no Jamie has just knocked over Moira. I hope that somebody finds her #Emmerdale.”

While another gave a reason as to why it could be the farm owner: “Moira I think, she was walking home from the car breakdown #emmerdale.”