Emmerdale fans left in stitches by Kerry Wyatt’s outrageous proposal to Al Chapman

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EMMERDALE fans were left in hysterics after Kerry Wyatt’s rap and shock proposal to Al Chapman – but did he say yes?

Al and Chas Dingle have been having an affair behind Kerry’s back and Al decided to finally reveal all to Kerry and confess he wants to be with Chas.

Kerry has a question for Al

Her unique proposal was delivered in a rap

Will Al say yes?

But Kerry beats Al do it and puts on a memorable performance at The Woolpack pub full of people.

With a microphone in hand, Kerry raps about how Al is her prince and how they are living in a fairytale.

As others tried not to snigger or laugh, they were left open-mouthed when Kerry got down on one knee and said: “All I ask if I’m not a minger, say yes my love and put a ring on my finger. Al Chapman will you marry me?”

Viewers at home were left in hysterics over the performance.

One said on Twitter: “Kerryman I know she’s a murderer but she’s hilarious. Loved that.”

A second tweeted: “I wonder how many takes it took to film that scene with Kerry @emmerdale #Emmerdale.”

“Kerry just made my day,” a third chimed in.

Al and Chas were left stunned as Kerry waited for an answer.

Eventually, Al said: “Of course. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Kerry jumped and hugged Al in celebration while others applauded.

Chas forced on a smile and said: “Bottle of champagne on the house.”

But later, Chas met up with Al who said he didn’t want to break Kerry’s heart in public.

He told Chas: “I said yes, but you know I’m not going to marry her. There’s only one woman I want in my life and that’s you.”

Suddenly someone approached the not so secret couple and witnessed them kissing – it was Chas’ son Aaron.

Aaron was left disgusted by his mum’s cheating claiming Paddy loves her so much and thinks he should be doing more to support her.

A guilty Chas explained she needed an escape from looking after her sick mum and Paddy was away working a lot and Al was just there.

But Aaron cannot forgive his mum for her betrayal.

Aaron threatened to leave the Dales for good unless she breaks it off with Al and tells Paddy everything.

What will Chas do?

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Al promises to break up with Kerry before the wedding

Who catches Al and Chas kissing?

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