Emmerdale fans spot ‘obvious’ clue Caleb Miligan is working with nanny Nicky


EMMERDALE fans have been left convinced that nanny Nicky and Caleb Milligan are working together at Home Farm after an ‘odd’ stand-off during the latest episode.

Viewers of the ITV soap have been left pondering the true identities of both characters for quite some time now.

Caleb caught Gabby and nanny Nicky getting intimate

Fans think the pair know each other and are working together

Caleb and Nicky exchanged words

Caleb arrived over the Christmas period in the Dales as the long-lost half brother of Cain and Chas Dingle but fans have still been left curious as to his true reasoning behind his re-connection with the Dingle clan and his real purpose in the village.

However, a scene during Thursday night’s episode has prompted fans to believe they are right in their suspicions that the pair are working together and have an ulterior motive behind being employed at Home Farm.

Viewers have seen Caleb go into business with Kim and flex his premonitions that he aims to ‘take over’ but little else has come to fruition.

With Nicky also embarking on a secret romance with Gabby Thomas, the mother of the child he cares for, the pair of them are both hiding secrets that they don’t want to be uncovered.

As Nicky and Gabby believed the house was empty, the flirty pair decided to get intimate after Gabby’s previous disaster the day before which left her almost being sick on Nicky as they were about to kiss, something she put down to eating some rotten seafood chowder – even though fans thought otherwise.

With Nicky’s shirt unbuttoned and his hands on Gabby, Caleb walked in and disturbed the pair.

As Caleb confronted the pair, they were quick to ask him to cover for them.

However, during the tense stand-off, Nicky shouted at Caleb in rage: “You’re big on trust, are you?” 

The moment seemed unusual with Nicky and Caleb seemingly having spent little-to-no time together previously.

Caleb answered back: “Well have you got information that says different?”

Taking to Twitter, fans raced to share their theories on the pair with one penning: “Nicky must know something about Caleb from that remark.”

Another said: “That was weird what Nicky said to Caleb.”

A third suggested: “I think Nicky has got something to do with Caleb….he’s dodgy as.”

Speculation kept coming thick and fast as a fellow fan remarked something was ‘amiss’: “I think Nicky is Caleb’s son.. their won’t be no advantage to Caleb catching Nicky and gabby together.

“He won’t gain anything from telling Kim. Something is amiss here with them 2 fellas”.

Another claimed to have ‘worked it out’ despite not knowing how it might end, writing: “Nicky and Caleb are working together some how Iv worked it out I don’t know what their end goal is but they are definitely working together.”

Only time will tell as to who Caleb and Nicky really are.

Nicky and Gabby were left flustered

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