Emmerdale fans stunned as Aaron Dingle’s ex Ben Tucker returns looking ‘unrecognisable’


EMMERDALE fans were left stunned as Aaron Dingle’s ex Ben Tucker returned to the village looking “unrecognisable”.

The canoe instructor – played by Simon Lennon – dumped the mechanic (Danny Miller) earlier this year after he was blamed for one of Liv’s seizures.

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Emmerdale fans couldn’t recognise Ben Tucker last night due to his longer hair

Since their break-up Aaron has been getting close to Mackenzie Boyd – and fans are convinced something is going to happen between the pair.

But it looks like that might not ever happen now that Ben is back on our screens.

During a chat with Victoria at the Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits centre, Ben opened up about their relationship.

The ched said: “I still think it’s a shame things didn’t work out between you and Aaron.

Ben opened up to Victoria about his relationship with Aaron

Aaron and Ben were dating earlier this year

“I reckon you would have been really good for each other…”

Ben replied: “It’s fine, I realised he was too much like hard work anyway. I mean there’s mean and moody and then there’s Aaron.”

Victoria joked: “Mostly just moody, right?

The sports instructor continued: “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him without a face on him.

Fans are convinced Aaron is going to get together with Mackenzie

“Really winds me up.”

But fans of the ITV soap were left amazed by how different Ben looked with his longer hair and facial hair.

One wrote on Twitter: “I didn’t even recognise Ben. #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “Ben has been away for so long, it seems strange that he’s back!”

The pair split because Aaron blamed Ben for his sister Liv’s seizure

A third joked: “Ben needs a haircut #Emmerdale.”

During their conversation Ethan Anderson walked into the cafe and Victoria started to play cupid.

She said: “He’s dead nice, outdoorsy, good with… canoes.”

The aspiring lawyer shot down her idea and said: “He’s kinda just not really my type.

Ben donned a short hair cut earlier this year

“A bit too much energy and slightly too practical shoes.”

Although Ethan isn’t feeling it, viewers seem to like the sound of the pair getting together as they still want Aaron and Mackeznie to become a thing.

One wrote: “ben/ethan and mack/aaron would actually work so well !! #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “So are Ben and Ethan gonna end up together hope so want Aaron to be with Mackenzie this needs to happen Mackenzie give some bi vibes #emmerdale.”

Ben has let his hair grow out over lockdown

A third chimed in: “So Ben is back…. Plz don’t put him with Aaron, there’s SO much more chemistry between Aaron and Mackenzie #Emmerdale.”

Meanwhile others spotted a game-changing clue about Will Taylor’s link to Kim Tate’s poisoning.

The former drug dealer was seen hanging around Kim’s drinks trolley – and that’s where the mystery culprit has been going to act out the crime.

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