Emmerdale fans work out Charity Dingle’s shocking revenge plan on cheating husband Mack


EMMERDALE fans have worked out Charity Dingle’s shocking revenge plan on cheating husband Mackenzie Boyd.

The Woolpack landlady – who is played by actress Emma Atkins in the ITV soap – discovered the truth last night that Mack fathered Chloe Harris’ baby.

Corrie fans are wondering what Charity is plotting

It comes after she told Mack to leave

Tonight her reaction surprised fans when she didn’t immediately fly into a rage with Mack.

Instead Charity was broken, as she got the truth out of Mack finally.

“You are the biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” she told him.

But as Sarah and Noah arrived downstairs after hearing the row, Charity discovered that Sarah already knew and she was even more heartbroken.

And when Mack revealed Nate, Kerry and even her son Ryan also knew – Charity could barely hold it together.

Charity went to confront Chloe in hospital but she couldn’t sustain her anger and instead just begged for the truth.

She told her: “A drunken fumble, I could’ve handled that. A big row and then tequila, we’ve all been there. I would’ve probably throttled you both, but I could’ve gotten over it, maybe even forgiven him.”

But when Chloe let slip Mack had offered to get her a flat, Charity thought he was planning a life away from her and she was even more devastated.

Back at the cottage, Charity told Mack they were done for good.

But her reaction has fans convinced she’s plotting something much worse – and she’s going to frame Mack for her own murder.

One wrote: “I hope our Charity is planning some hot girl summer revenge plans on the evil Mackenzie.”

A second said: “Charity dingle you are an icon. get them all.”

Another added: “Charity won’t be played!”

Charity visited Chloe in hospital

She begged for the truth

Charity was furious when she discovered Sarah already knew about Mack’s cheating