Emmerdale shock as Jamie Tate’s fate is finally revealed to a horrified Gabby Thomas


EMMERDALE fans are shocked after Jamie Tate’s fate was revealed.

The vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – was presumed dead after crashing his car into a lake.

Emmerdale fans are shocked after Jamie Tate’s fate was revealed by mum Kim
Gabby was left speechless when Kim told her about Jamie

But tonight Kim realised her son was more like her than she realised – and had faked his own death to escape her.

After discovering a huge amount of money was taken from the vets and transferred to a secret second account, Kim realised what was going on.

Later finding out Jamie had planned to run away with Dawn Taylor, she calmed down a hysterical Gabby.

Gabby raged: “He’s dead, he’s gone but even if he wasn’t he’s dead to me.”

But Kim couldn’t help but smile as the truth dawned on her.

“The irony is I would have done anything for him eventually – absolutely anything,” she said. 

“He didn’t need to run away, but he didn’t think he had a choice because of you. 

“He couldn’t see a way out, and he couldn’t live his life as some helpless pawn in your selfish little game. 

“He saw right through, he played you, like he played the rest of us. And he did it so well that no-one even suspected.

“Those flowers, as if they could have been from Joe. No, they were from Jamie, taunting me. One final attempt to make me feel like I was going out of my mind.”

“I didn’t think he had it in him,” Kim said looking at the statements from the vets again. 

“This proves he’s his mother’s son alright. He’s chosen to go out guns blazing. 

“To risk everything, to choose life. For the first time he’s done it all on his own. 

“No wonder they can’t find a body. My son, my brilliant boy. He’s still alive.”

Fans were in shock at the twist.

One wrote: “only kim would be impressed at her son faking his own death i cant cope.”

A second said: “Kim has worked it out.. Jamie is alive..”

Another added: “So he’s still alive what a surprise.”

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