Emmerdale spoilers: Arthur Thomas’ abuse of Archie takes horrifying turn with deadly fire


ARTHUR Thomas’s abuse of Archie is set to take a deadly turn next week in Emmerdale when the family go on a camping trip and Arthur lights a huge fire. 

The son of late vicar Ashley Thomas has been bullying little Archie for months on the ITV soap after growing jealous of the attention he gets from his mum Laurel. 

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Arthur starts a huge fire when they go on a camping trip

Emmerdale fans will remember that Archie moved to live with dad Jai following the death of his mum Rachel Spencer at the end of last year.

But Arthur didn’t take well to the new arrival, and has been threatening and bullying Archie for months. 

Viewers were left disturbed by the hard-hitting abuse storyline which saw Arthur take out his own personal grief for his dad on the young lad.

When Jai discovered bruises on Archie, he went on the warpath and accused Jimmy King of abusing his son.

Laurel eventually discovered that the culprit was Arthur, and after weeks of keeping it secret to protect her son she finally told Jai

Arthur can’t cope with the attention Archie gets off his mum Laurel

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see tension rise yet again between Archie and Arthur. 

The upcoming scenes will see a game of football leaves Arthur feelings bitter and neglected by his mum Laurel. 

Later, Rishi announces he wants a camping trip for his 70th birthday but is disappointed when Jai says that all of the local camp sites are booked. 

Arthur bullied Archie for months, leading his dad Jai to accuse Jimmy King of abusing his son

Jai suggests a camping trip at Holdgate instead – and Rishi is thrilled by the idea.

But as the family begin a game of rounders, Arthur can’t cope when Archie is placed on Laurel’s team and starts to seethe with jealousy.

Arthur’s blood boils as he watches Archie enjoy the attention from Laurel.

Later, Archie and Arthur end up lighting the campfire and the flames soar high into the sky.

Could Arthur’s abuse be about to take a deadly turn?