Emmerdale viewers all have the same complaint as Samson Dingle’s surprising new job revealed


EMMERDALE fans were left baffled during last night’s episode as they struggled to wrap their minds around the way people are hired in the fictional Yorkshire village.

Just like characters in other soaps, Emmerdale locals have a unique ability to secure employment just a stone’s throw from their homes.

Emmerdale fans were gobsmacked when Samson Dingle landed a job in David’s shop within seconds of walking through the door

But the strangely simplistic hiring process in the village has left some viewers gobsmacked, especially after last night’s scenes featuring Samson Dingle.

During the dramatic episode, in which evil serial killer Meena continued to hold her sister Hostage, fans picked up on the fact that the way people land jobs in Emmerdale is totally unrealistic.

Samson managed to talk himself into a job at David’s store almost as quickly as he walked through the door in the first place.

He’d asked Kerry if she’d give him some work experience he needed for school, and without even asking the gaffer first.

But it was hardly like Kerry was motivated by giving young people a chance in the workplace – the chancer knew it would give her the opportunity to visit her grandson Kyle in hospital.

The lad was left by himself to run the joint while the Geordie grandma skipped off to see the nine-year-old, explaining that Eric was away looking for antiques.

Agreeing to give him a shot as she whipped off her apron, she said: “Of course, I’ll give you a quick tour, show you how everything works and you can start now”.

But at just 15, Samson was completely unqualified to be saddled with the responsibility of looking after the place without any help, and viewers couldn’t believe what they were watching.

Rushing to Twitter, one said: “How easy is it to get a job in Emmerdale? Samson just walks in the shower and boom jobs yours”.

“When did Kerry buy the shop to start employing anyone?” asked a second

A third added: “Samson working in the shop on his own. Not old enough to sell alcohol”.

“Why are all the kids applying for work in #Emmerdale? First Noah, now Samson. They ain’t even experienced?” questioned a fourth.

Later in the episode, Samson’s dad Sam and grandad Zack stopped by the shop to wangle some freebies, helping themselves to a couple of cans of craft beer and some fancy sourdough.

Samson’s brother Noah also has a job working in a B&B
Samson’s dad sam and grandad Zack took advantage of the situation, helping themselves to some beers