Emmerdale viewers break down in tears as Arthur comes out to Nicola in emotional scenes


EMMERDALE viewers broke down in tears after Arthur came out to Nicola in emotional scenes.

The teen – played by Alfie Clarke – has been struggling with a secret in recent episodes, as well as the fact long-term friend April Windsor seems to have a crush on him.

Arthur has been struggling with a secret in recent episodes

He came out to Nicola during a game of Hangman

Arthur burst into tears as she cuddled him

In tonight’s episode, Arthur was seen getting annoyed with Jimmy in the cafe before snapping at April when she invited him round after school.

Arthur didn’t realise that Nicola King had seen the exchange, and later at her house as he hung out with the other kids, she asked him what was going on.

Arthur remained tight-lipped, so Nicola told him she would listen whenever he felt ready to talk, and not too long later, the moment came.

After the other kids went upstairs to play a different game after a few rounds of hangman, Arthur asked Nicola if she wanted another go.

As she started to guess the letters, she realised the teen had spelled out ‘I am gay’.

Arthur struggled to add the final letter to his puzzle, so she did it for him then squeezed his hand.

The teen immediately burst into tears before Nicola pulled him in for a big hug.

In another scene, the pair were then seen sat at the table as Nicola said: “You could have told anyone, but you chose me, I’m so proud of you.”

Arthur replied: “What’s there to be proud of? I can’t even say the word.”

Nicola did her best to reassure Arthur as he worried about what people would say, including his school mates.

Arthur also asked Nicola not to tell his mum Laurel, as he “wasn’t ready”.

The emotional chat left Emmerdale viewers in tears, with one writing on Twitter: “I’m in actual tears #Emmerdale #Arthur.”

Another added: “Aww, now that was heartbreaking. Bless him. A clever way to go about it. Arthur you’re not alone.”

A third tweeted: “#Emmerdale love how they included putting i am gay on a piece of paper that’s so relatable i did the same exact thing.”

Arthur had snapped at Jimmy in the cafe

He also had a run in with April
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