Emmerdale viewers convinced Wendy and Dan are set for steamy affair – leaving Bob heartbroken


EMMERDALE viewers reckon Wendy and Dan are set for a steamy affair which will leave Bob devastated.

The ITV serial drama could be set for an interesting love triangle as Wendy and Dan have begun to spend some time together.

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Emmerdale fans believe Wendy will have an affair with Dan, leaving Bob heartbroken

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Wendy had prepared dinner for both Bob and Dan, but Bob was unable to tuck in to his meal as he was needed at the pub.

After he rushed off, Dan stayed and both he and Wendy discussed subjects on a deeper level such as romances and “human contact”.

As a result, fans believe the pair will take things to the next level, which will not impress Bob in the slightest.

They took to Twitter to express their views as one fan wrote: “Wendy fancies Dan”, along with a wink-face emoji.

Fans were think Wendy will cheat on Bob

Viewers believe Wendy will have an affair with Dan

Avid Emmerdale fans think Wendy has her eye on Dan

Will romance blossom between Dan and Wendy?

Another viewer predicted: “Oh no Wendy isn’t going to prefer Dan and “friend zone” Bob is she?? #emmerdale.”

“Wendy’s gonna sleep with Dan I reckon #emmerdale,” a third user penned.

While a forty viewer tweeted: “Wendy and Dan, sparks, potential? #Emmerdale @emmerdale.”

Dan enjoyed a nice meal with Wendy
Is Wendy going to be in the middle of a love triangle?

On Monday night Bob hatched a plan seduce Wendy Posner by dressing up as Tom Cruise.

He dressed as the actor from Top Gun with a rose between his teeth, Bob started to serenade Wendy much to her – and viewers’ – horror.

However, it backfired miserably as Wendy described the gesture as “weird” before kicking him out and leaving Bob feeling humiliated.