Emmerdale’s Laura Norton Gets Emotional Discussing Mum Guilt on Drama Queens


Laura Norton's Tearful Return to Emmerdale

Actress Laura Norton was in tears as she faced the emotional challenge of returning to work on Emmerdale after an 18-month maternity leave.

Struggles with Mum Guilt

Laura Norton opened up about her intense mum guilt as she prepared to leave her children to go back to her day job on the popular soap opera.

Reality Show Drama Queens

Cameras captured Laura's emotional journey back to work on ITVBe's reality show, Drama Queens, showcasing the lives of prominent female soap stars.

Family Challenges

Laura shares two children with her partner and co-star Mark Jordan, both of whom suffer from Usher syndrome, a rare disease affecting hearing and vision.

Returning to Normalcy

Despite the challenges, Laura felt it was important to return to work to show her children the importance of working and to bring a sense of normalcy back to her life.

Advocacy for Usher Syndrome

Laura has used her celebrity status to raise awareness about Usher syndrome and has been committed to educating others about the condition that affects her children.

No Cure in Sight

Usher syndrome, with its varying severity levels, currently has no cure, leading to both vision and hearing loss in those affected by the disease.

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