Emmerdales Maya star Louisa Clein reveals she had to film shock pregnancy scenes undercover


EMMERDALE actress Louisa Clein has revealed she had to film Maya Stepney’s shock pregnancy scenes “undercover”.

The 40-year-old actress is embroiled in a troubling storyline with her paedophile character now falling pregnant with teenager Jacob Gallagher’s baby, and bosses had decided to keep the latest development top secret – until now.

Emmerdale’s Maya star Louisa Clein had to film shock pregnancy scenes ‘undercover’

Louisa shared a photo of her fake bump and captioned it: “Well who saw that coming?? Hats off to @emmerdale for keeping that scene secret!! Undercover filming was super exciting!! #emmerdale #mayastepney”

Her followers shared their thoughts on the twisted plot and one said: “Did not expect that”

Another said: “I can’t believe it!!!” and one more said: “Wtf !! Shocker x”

The actress has been embroiled in the horrifying storyline all year and was voted soap land’s Best Bad Girl last month.

The actress had taken time out of the soap over the summer but last night, he pervy teacher returned to the Dales and showed off her HUGE baby bump.

Louise Clein has discussed her character’s horrifying storyline in the past
Pervert Maya Stepney revealed she was pregnant

It came after her victim Jacob Gallagher attempted to call her when he heard she had been released from jail.

After receiving the teenager’s lovesick voicemail, Maya, who was at the prison gate, deleted his number.

The camera then panned down her body to show off her huge pregnancy belly.

It is not known if her illegal lover Jacob or his dad David – who she was in a relationship with while she was grooming his son – is the father of her unborn child.

Maya made her big return to Emmerdale on Tuesday night

Her victim Jacob Gallagher attempted to call her after hearing she had been released from jail

Maya caused a scandal on the soap in one of its most controversial storylines ever as she groomed and sexually abused the teen for almost a year.

The pair carried on their illicit affair behind his dad’s back, making VERY awkward viewing for some fans.

They eventually got caught and she was sentenced to a year behind bars but ended up serving just five months.

Louisa has been embroiled in the shock storyline since the beginning of the year