Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle discovers a huge secret tonight ahead of her hit and run accident


EMMERDALE’S Moira Dingle finds out some shocking information ahead of her hit and run accident during tonight’s episode.

The village Vicar, Harriet Finch, confesses to the farmer that she has been getting down and dirty with DI Malone in secret.

Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle discovers a huge secret tonight ahead of her hit and run accident

During a visit to the church Moria interrupts a very cosy moment between the Harriet and DI Malone – prompting her to come clean with what’s been going on.

She then goes on to tell Moira about Cain and Malone’s crooked dealings that they’ve been getting up to at the garage.

Unhappy with Malone knowing about his dirty little secret, Malone tries to keep Moira quiet.

He turns up at her farm unexpected and threatens her to keep her mouth shut – all while Cain is looking on from a distance.

Harriet decided to come clean about her affair with the dodgy copper
DI Malone took matters into his own hands and threatened Moira to keep quiet
Moira’s ex Cain watched the two from affair and assumed the worst

The garage owner mistakenly puts two and two together and assumes that they’re the two that are having an affair.

Fans of the ITV soap already know that Moira is part of a huge hit and run story after official spoilers were released last month.

And although it’s unclear what the future holds for any of the characters, it hasn’t stopped fans from predicting what’s going to happen.

One fan tweeted: “Emmerdale I don’t want Moira to die at all next week stop the rumours about my personal hero Natalie J Robb.”

The two have been having a n affair for the past few months

Some fans flocked to Twitter to predict that Cain will come to Moira’s rescue before telling her.

One hopeful fan tweeted: “I know someone will die after a car crash, wouldn’t it be a great moment if Cain rescues Moira, surely they are meant to be together, both are feisty and have history, makes great telly.”

Another added: “I SWEAR TO GOD IF MOIRA BARTON/DINGLE DIES I WILL EXPLODE. DO NOT TOY WITH ME. However, please give me the most adorable scenes with cain by her bedside admitting he’s still crazy about her.”

Catch Emmerdale at 7pm tonight on ITV.