Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi says Leyla is ‘relieved but confused’ after discovering that Gabby is her stalker


EMMERDALE star Roxy Shahidi has revealed her character Leyla Harding is “relieved but confused” after discovering Gabby Thomas is her stalker. 

The wedding planner found out last night who was behind the terror campaign that had been haunting her for weeks. 

Leyla is played by Roxy Shahidi

According to Emmerdale actress Roxy Shahidi, things are set to take a surprising turn after it’s revealed that Gabby, played by Rosie Bentham, has been stalking Leyla Harding. 

Viewers saw Leyla rumble Gabby last night after she saw the teen bleeding from her arm and correctly deduced she had been in her home the evening before. 

Speaking on Thursday’s This Morning, Roxy said: “I think there’s an element of relief to find out it’s Gabby because she is so young and so innocent. 

“…At least it’s not someone big, scary, powerful person from her past but equally it’s completely disorientating. 

Leyla clocked the blood on Gabby’s hand and realised she was behind the stalking
How will things move forward for the two in the village?

“[Gabby] is the last person she would have thought of, they have no history together, so she’s confused as to what her motives are and why she’s gone so far. 

“I think she [Leyla] is just in shock at the moment but I do think she has the ability to empathise with people who are young and vulnerable as she was herself.” 

Roxy went on: “It’s an interesting relationship and will go in a direction you won’t expect.”

Leyla has been hounded for weeks by Gabby

Viewers already knew it was the teenager who had been tormenting the wedding planner but last night it was finally revealed to Leyla Harding. 

Gabby’s wrongdoings were discovered after Leyla returned to the Take a Vow office and was horrified to find it trashed and vandalised. 

However, horror turned to terror when she realised her stalker was still there and grabbing a vase she hurled it at her hooded tormenter, hitting them in the arm.

In last night’s episode Leyla put two and two together when she noticed a nasty gash on Gabby’s arm and confronted her about it.