Ex-Corrie star praises ‘Aldi angel’ who paid for his weekly food shop when he couldn’t in random act of kindness


IT’S the little things in life that go a long way a former Coronation Street star found out after a stranger came to his rescue at Aldi.

Marcquelle Ward had been shopping in the chain supermarket in Manchester when his Apple Pay failed to work as he was paying at the till.

Marcquelle called Lisa hiss ‘guardian angel’

The actor, who played Mitch on the soap back in 2009, revealed that his “guardian angel”, simply known as “Lisa”, offered to pay for half of his shop.

Marcquelle, who first rose to fame on ITV’s drama Britannia High, told Manchester Evening News: “She really just made my day and gave me faith in humanity.

“I want her to be recognised because it was so kind of her.”

He shared the lovely act of kindness in a Facebook post, saying he was in awe of what happened.

Marcquelle shot to fame on the ITV drama Britannia High

He also appeared on Corrie

The actor told Lisa that his Apple Pay had reached its tap limit, but that he had the cash on him – so the two could split it.

He wrote: “She was like “Don’t worry about it, I will just pay it” so I said what is your bank details I will transfers you the money and she was like it’s fine, don’t worry, just pay it forward.”

Lisa refused to give Marcquelle her bank details, as she told him that all he had to do was “pay it forward” as she had.

He added: “She was like my guardian angel this morning.

“All she wanted was for me to “Pay it forward”.

“So that is my mission now.”

The actor said Lisa restored his faith in humanity

But Marcquelle says he will continue to carry the money on him, just on the off chance he bumps in her again

He wrote: “Plus I have the money on me just incase I bump into her again.

“Thank you Lisa I am still like in awe of what just happened.”

Friends and followers of Marcquelle’s page praised Lisa in the comments for her selfless gesture.

One person wrote: “Love this, good people in the world.”

Another commented: “Lovely to read something so positive like this.”

A third said: “It’s the random acts of kindness that we don’t see every day that keep us as a society going.”

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