Five explosive Emmerdale theories: newcomer’s secret uncovered and Belle Dingle in danger

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SOAP bosses have planned another action-packed week with the return of villainous Tom King to the village.

Emmerdale tough man Cain Dingle may also have found a new resident to feud with, leaving Caleb Milligan torn.

Tom King returns to the Dales this week

How will his reunion with Belle Dingle play out?

Fans suspect she could be in danger and be embroiled in a love triangle

1. Dramatic love triangle

Eden Taylor-Draper‘s on-screen alter ego has had a quiet life in the eponymous ITV village, although she was involved in exposing Chas Dingle for her affair with Al Chapman.

Coming up this week, Belle Dingle gets a shock when a familiar face returns to the Dales after almost a decade of absence.

It all begins with a mysterious figure watching Belle and it’s later revealed the figure is Tom King, Jimmy King’s nephew.

Belle and Tom, who will be working as a vet, naturally flirt with one another and catch up and when he asks her for a drink, there’s a glint in her eye.

The pair agree to meet up the following day, but how will the rest of the Dingle family react to Tom’s return?

As mentioned above, Tom will be another vet in the village although Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) may have a few things to say about it due to the lad’s chequered past with his former wife Chas Dingle.

Could Tom have a plan for Belle and her family in an attempt to avenge his father Carl once and for all?

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based drama have taken a step further – could Belle be thrown into a love triangle with Tom King and Vinny Dingle?

Belle was recently seen getting closer to the widower but due to the chemistry coming back between her and Tom, it can be expected that she may have a choice to make between both characters.

Chloe Harris gets a surprising call

2. Shock return

Speaking of love triangles, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) was shocked herself when she figured out that Al Chapman had a mistress he was planning on fleeing the village with behind her mother Kerry Wyatt’s back.

But a lot of things have changed since she made the discovery and it’s apparently slipped her mind to let Kerry know about the infidelity.

However, this week, as Chloe adapts to motherhood with her son Reuben, she gets a reminder that Kerry has missed out on a lot of events during her time away on a cruise ship.

Chloe gets a surprise Facetime call from none other than her mother, Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) this week, with her sister Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) at her side.

Kerry talks Chloe round and Amy is relieved her mother has gotten through to her.

Could the call be a hint that Kerry will be coming back to the Dales?

Sensing her daughter struggling with being a mother, Kerry could be tempted to make her way back to Emmerdale to try and help her.

But her return won’t be the happiest of occasions as she’s set to find out about Al’s affair with Chas and learn who is really responsible for the businessman’s death.

Could Nicky be Cain’s new arch nemesis?

3. Fresh feud ahead

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) has had nobody to let his anger out on since the death of Al Chapman – but he may find a new feuding partner in the form of Nicky Milligan.

Nicky (portrayed by Lewis Cope) has been trying to get cash and begins to eye up an Audi Cain has been working on.

This week, he decides to take action and waits until the mechanic is a no show to pick the garage lock.

Once inside, he manically searches for the keys to the vehicle.

Nicky is shocked to see stone-faced Cain standing behind him and the pair exchange words but it escalates into violence.

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based program know Cain isn’t one to talk and he retaliates with a punch to the stomach.

Nicky snatches a spanner from the side but Cain, once again, is ahead of him and instinctively throws a hard punch into his face.

Could it all escapated into a new feud in the Dales?

To make things even messier for Cain, he has no idea that Nicky is, in fact, his nephew as the son of his half-brother Caleb Milligan.

The siblings have been trying to get on and mend their relationship but with Caleb stuck in the middle of Cain’s fight with Nicky, could their efforts be in vain?

What if Caleb had another child in Emmerdale

4. Caleb has another secret

Another theory has recently emerged on social media due to the announcement of a cameo appearance from Kerry Wyatt.

Chloe’s arrival in the village has always been shrouded in mystery, particularly when it comes to her father, a supposed controlling criminal.

But when it was revealed she had been adopted, just as Kerry admitted to being her biological mother, fans had even more question, particularly as Chloe was told she shared both of her parents with older sister Amy Wyatt.

Caleb, on the other hand, rocked up Emmerdale hiding his connection with Nicky, his own son.

The pair have briefly mentioned a mother and wife but her identity remains a secret.

With soap bosses hinting that Caleb and Nicky are hiding yet ANOTHER secret, could it involve Kerry Wyatt?

Could Caleb be Chloe and Amy’s biological father and could Nicky be their half-brother?

What is Faye hiding?

5. Faye’s secret is revealed

Mary Goskirk (portrayed by Louise Jameson) tiptoed her way out of the closet and has found romance in the form of newcomer Faye.

The pair have had rocky beginnings but, eventually, the romance took a pleasant turn and they’ve grown fond of one another.

But in a shocking twist, Faye explains to Mary that she needs to go back to Ecuador next week, in order to help run the women’s refuge.

Mary is spun out and tries to convince her to stay in the eponymous village with her, but there’s nothing to it – Faye insists she can’t let people down and has to leave.

However, she’s not willing to put an end to their relationship and, instead, encourages Mary to take a leap of faith and leave with her.

That afternoon, Mary explains everything to Rhona (Zoe Henry) and, feeling conflicted, chooses to pass up on the opportunity.

Rhona, on the other hand, is relief her mother decides to stay behind but Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) soon gets involved.

Mary opens up to her about what’s stopping her from following Faye and she surprises herself by saying her main reason for giving up on Faye is her daughter, Rhona.

Suzy gives Mary some food for thought when she admits that she regrets not following Vanessa Woodfield to Canada, but she knows her former girlfriend will be coming back.

Will Mary reconsider her decision and follow Faye to Ecuador?

Mary is unaware that Faye hasn’t told her everything about herself and her true motives are set to be revealed in upcoming scenes.

To make matters worse for Mary, soap bosses have teased major heartbreak as Faye could have started a relationship with her for all the wrong reasons.

What could they be?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.