Five ITV Coronation Street theories: dramatic pregnancy, double murder and revenge plot

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SARAH Platt is terrified her fling with Damon Hay will be exposed, particularly ahead of her husband Adam Barlow’s birthday.

But what if she was hit with a surprise pregnancy? Here’s what could happen in Coronation Street.

Could Sarah come in between Adam and Damon?

She is trying to keep her fling with the criminal a secret

1. Shocking pregnancy

Adam Barlow (played by Sam Robertson) has tried to keep things afloat at his law firm by helping Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths).

Little does he know that the thug had a fling with his wife, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien).

The Underworld PA has been trying to keep her attraction to Damon under wraps but secrets rarely ever stay hidden in the cobbles.

Coming up on ITV next week, Adam books a table at the Bistro for his birthday as Damon offers to throw in a bottle of champagne – will Sarah be able to mask her unease?

While this remains to be seen, Sarah later takes Adam out for his birthday lunch at the Bistro, where he tells restaurateur Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) that there may be a problem with the late licence.

Adam explains some locals have raised objections against the late licence, which would allow the Bistro to host events they need to keep their business intact.

Regular viewers of the Manchester-based drama will remember Damon suggested the Bistro turns into a nightclub to attract a younger clientele.

Soon enough, Damon makes things uncomfortable for Sarah.

The criminal joins Adam and Sarah at their table, leaving her squirming.

Matters go from bad to worse when local politician Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) lets slip that Sarah was one of the residents who raised objections about the late licence.

Nick and Adam are both furious with Sarah, unaware she went against the late licence to get away from Damon who, watching her stand in the firing line, enjoys her discomfort.

Could things get worse for Sarah as she agreed to try for a baby with Adam?

One may suspect that, in typical Corrie fashion, Sarah could be pregnant with Damon’s child and agree to make Adam believe he’s the father.

Will her affair with Damon be uncovered?

Max could be set for an early release

2. Max is shunned away

Max Turner’s grooming storyline took a harrowing turn when he was left to face justice after helping far-right activist Griff Reynolds spread his vile agenda across the cobbles.

To make matters worse, Griff organised an attack on Weatherfield which led to Alya Nazir getting hurt.

The Speed Daal co-owner was in a critical condition again when she saved Maria Connor from getting stabbed by Blake, a lad who was determined to keep Griff’s legacy alive after his arrest.

Despite being groomed into taking part in such activities and making propaganda videos for Griff, the teen portrayed by Paddy Bever was charged with incitement to attempt murder in January, 2023.

This was due to Blake admitting that Max’s videos inspired him to carry out the stabbing at Speed Daal.

Max pled guilty to encouraging terrorism and was handed a six-month sentence before he told his father David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) he wanted to be left to his own devices while in the secure training centre (STC).

However, this week, Max Turner could be set for an early release.

How will Weatherfield residents react to his potential return?

According to Alya Nazir actress Sair Khan, Max won’t be welcomed back with open arms.

“His sentence is nothing like she thought it would be”, the soap star told

“The last time she saw him, they didn’t end on good terms, she did say that she only saw him in prison for her own healing, not his, she feels that nothing has changed when he gets out, he’s still living next door, she’s still coming to terms with it all as well. I don’t think she is over everything that happened.”

Could Max be pushed away from the cobbles altogether?

Could Alya take action to prevent Max from being released?

Could Aaron leave the cobbles?

3. Rapist exits the cobbles

Aaron Sandford (James Craven) raped Amy Barlow and, following Nina Lucas’ birthday party, he could be getting a wake-up call and realise how badly his drunken actions have affected the teen.

This week, matters only get worse for him when his formerly alcoholic father Eric rocks up the cobbles and breaks some terrible news to him.

Aaron finds out that his grandmother has died and a reformed Eric insists that he’d like to take him and Abi Webster (Sally Carman) out for dinner.

Eric later calls at the garage and shows Aaron the keys to his new flat.

He suggests Aaron should move back in with him – but what will the lad decide?

Could Aaron decide to leave Weatherfield to avoid facing the consequences of his actions?

Will Stephen strike again?

4. Stephen plots new murders

Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is finding it hard to trust Stephen Reid and has made it clear on multiple occasions.

Sadly, this is due to drive a wedge between him and his mother Elaine (played by Paula Wilcox).

Coming up, she agrees to fly out to Las Vegas with Stephen one afternoon to tie the knot once and for all.

However, her daughter-in-law Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) is struggling to be happy for her and, reeling from shock, she breaks the news to Tim herself.

This prompts him to hatch a quick plan as he offers to run Elaine and Stephen to the airport, making out that he accepts their marriage plans.

Tim lures his mother into his taxi but, much to her horror, he speeds away, making her his hostage, and leaves Stephen on the doorstep.

Sally and Stephen watch in disbelief.

While he may be the perfect man in Elaine’s eyes, Stephen is only agreeing to be by her side because he knows she has a lot of money in her possession.

Tim, on the other hand, is cautious as he’s all too aware of his mother’s past with men.

Could Stephen realise the only way he’ll ever get his hands on Elaine’s fortune would be by killing off her son?

Could the villain even be ready to plan the double murder of Elaine and Tim to get what he wants?

Will he be exposed before it’s too late?

Is Paul in danger?

5. Quick escape for Paul

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) was recently told he is suffering from motor-neurone disease (MND) and may only have fewer than three years to live.

However, Paul has refused to tell the his loved ones about his ordeal with the life-shortening condition.

Coming up, his friend Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) introduces him to Trish, a woman who lost her husband to MND, to knock some sense into him.

Trish describes the stages of MND and tells Paul what to expect but there’s no way around it – despite Dee-Dee’s advice, Paul is still ready to keep things under wraps.

Instead, Paul focuses on making some extra cash as he focuses on making sure his twin sister Gemma Winter gets her dream wedding.

This has led him straight to ask for some work from Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths), regardless of the danger he could be thrown into.

Paul asks another thug called Niall to give him another job, far from deterred from a life of crime and big money after his last experience turned sour.

And his undercover deeds could be exposed to his loved ones.

Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) tries to make plans with Paul but he makes out that he’ll be spending time with Dee-Dee.

The Weatherfield vicar then questions Dee-Dee and, luckily for Paul, the solicitor is able to think on her feet and cover for him.

But she gets suspicious and follows him to Freshco’s car park – Paul is caught getting ready to steal a car.

Dee-Dee threatens to call the police but a stubborn Paul insists he needs the money and puts the car into gear before roaring off.

Later on, however, Paul decides to take action and corners Damon in the Bistro office.

Ready for anything to get money, Paul demands £25k from Damon and threatens to grass him up if he doesn’t go along with it.

Unfortunately for Paul, Damon has too much experience in the business to let himself be intimidated.

After standing his ground, he double-crosses Paul by calling his criminal contacts, urging them to shut down Paul’s attempt at blackmail.

He vows to Paul that he’ll get the cash he wants as soon as he can lay his hands on it.

When the pair meet at the precinct, Damon admits that he doesn’t have any of the money he promised.

Instead, Paul gets a warning – Niall and his brother are out for his blood.

With his life on the line and his health on the decline, Paul could make a quick escape from the cobbles by running away… and potentially faking his death to avoid the thugs coming after him or any of his loved ones.

Could Damon help him?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.