Five jaw-dropping Hollyoaks spoilers: STI horror, big news for one resident and a family is on the verge of breakdown


ROMEO Nightingale has had his sights on newcomer Rayne for several weeks but will their budding romance flourish?

Meanwhile, social services launch an investigation that could destroy one Hollyoaks family. Get the lowdown.

Tony Hutchinson tries to keep his marriage afloat this week

Diane is recovering from an attack

1. Diane and Tony struggle

Eric Foster recently wreaked havoc in the eponymous Chester village, leaving Diane Hutchinson hurt after shooting her with a crossbow during a siege.

The character portrayed by Alex Fletcher survived the incel attack but her husband Tony (Nick Pickard) harbours guilt due to his estranged brother’s actions and wants to make it up to her.

Unfortunately, all the drama may be taking its toll on the couple.

Coming up on Channel 4, it’s the day of Eric’s hearing and Diane plans a get-together with Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) and Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) to cheer Tony up.

But the latter fails to show up, leaving Diane crushed and, after a few drinks, she makes a shocking confession to Maxine.

In later scenes, Tony makes some efforts of his following a discussion with Romeo Nightingale.

Tony plans his own romantic meal with Diane but it doesn’t go to plan.

Can they reignite the spark?

Romeo has moved on from Theresa

2. Romeo faces STI fears

Speaking of Romeo, the hunk played by Owen Warner has no problem with keeping romance alive as he grows closer to newcomer Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan).

After spending the night with her, he even decides to confess his feelings but is uncertain whether they’ll be reciprocated.

But Romeo’s bubble is quickly burst when he realises he may have contracted an STI and he seeks advice from his father James (Gregory Finnegan).

Things go from bad to worse for the heartthrob when his approach to the topic with Rayne lands him in hot water as he makes a false accusation.

In later scenes, tension is brimming in the shared house as Romeo accuses Rayne of sleeping with his best friend.

However, upon getting some new information, Romeo realises he’s had the wrong end of the stick the entire time and desperately tries to apologise to Rayne.

Will she forgive him?

Or has Romeo blown all his chances with her?

Misbah’s son Imran has been recovering from an eating disorder

3. Misbah gets news from Imran

Meanwhile, Imran Maalik (Ijaz Rana) continues his path to recovery after a harrowing eating disorder ordeal.

This week, the lad’s family gather belongings to take to him during their next visit at the clinic but there’s bombshell news waiting for them.

Imran’s mother Misbah (Harvey Virdi) announces the clinic are so delighted with his progress that he can be treated as an outpatient – the youngster is finally coming home.

Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) eagerly cleans the house from head to toe, wanting it to be spick and span for Imran’s return.

The family are all over the moon when Imran comes back but there’s still a long road ahead of him.

Misbah warns Zain (Jonas Khan) that this is the most crucial stage for Imran’s recovery and there’s no room for mistakes.

Will everything go smoothly?

Warren makes a big mistake with Tony this week

4. Social services are after Warren

Elsewhere in the village, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) and Ethan Williams (Matthew Bailey) struggle to get along with Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) as they butt heads over parenting.

The Hollyoaks tough man makes a decision – he will teach Sebastian a controversial new skill.

Later on, Sienna is horrified to find out Warren is teaching their son how to bow, allowing him to stand up for himself… and cause fights.

Warren tries to fix things by reminding Sebastian to use his skills on those who deserve it only but his words backfire on him as the young boy pushes Dee Dee off the adventure playground in later scenes.

Tony is furious and, after some encouragement from Darren to talk to a professional, he lashes out by getting social services involved.

Later on, Sienna’s all nerves as social services arrange an official assessment for the twins’ safety.

Warren is determined to turn things around and pays Tony a visit – but is it the right idea?

Later, the family puts on a united front to ensure the assessment goes smoothly, until a shocking discovery threatens the peace.

Norma Crow then resurfaces when a package is received and it reveals her surprising plans for her family’s future.

Lacey recently settled into Hollyoaks

5. Lizzie bonds with Lacey

A new friendship blossoms this week at the Love Boat when Lizzie Chen-Williams (Lily Best) struggles to get a day off from work.

Newcomer Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) seizes the opportunity to show off her impressive legal knowledge – but will it actually help Lizzie?

Later on, Lacey has heaps of paperwork to go through and she butts heads with Rayne over her priorities.

Lizzie decides to return the favour by giving Lacey some advice.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel and E4.

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