Hollyoaks fans in tears as Juliet is forced to deal drugs for Jordan


HOLLYOAKS fans are in tears tonight after Juliet Quinn was forced to sell drugs by Jordan.

The troubled schoolgirl – who is played by actress Niamh Blackshaw in the Channel 4 soap – was determined to tell evil Jordan where to go and escape his life of crime.

Juliet has decided to continue selling drugs for Jordan

But when she went to confide in James, hoping he would be able to protect her against Jordan’s threats, she walked in on him talking to Romeo about her.

After Romeo said he was worried about his sister, James said: “If Juliet is involved with drugs after the assurances she gave me yesterday, that would make her a liar.

“Let’s just say it wouldn’t be the biggest shock in the world if Juliet ruined her life in the same was [as mum Donna-Marie].”

A tearful Juliet rushed off rejected and failed to hear James continuing to talk about her.

Juliet has been forced to sell drugs for Jordan after she flushed some down the toilet to protect boyfriend Sid
Jordan has said there is no turning back for Juliet as she chooses to continue selling drugs for him

He added: “But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about your sister this year it’s that she is a better and more intelligent young woman than anyone knows – herself included. We have to have faith in her.”

Unfortunately she rushed off straight to Sid and told him that she couldn’t tell them.

She said: “You know when I was really little, Romeo stole all the Harry Potter books from school so he would have something to read me when mum went out.

“And even though I knew I wasn’t nerdy enough to be like Harry or smart enough to be like Hermione, I’d go to bed and fall asleep wondering if someone took me away to a magical school away from all the drugs and the arguments.

“All I wanted was to get away from that world and never come back but it is my world. It always will be.”

She then made her decision to continue dealing drugs for Jordan but insisted on a bigger cut, and desperate she told him.

He agreed but viewers were heartbroken for her.

One wrote: “I’m worried for Juliet.”

A second said: “I actually feel bad for Juliet @Hollyoaks #Hollyoaks hope she has a way out of this.”

Another added: “Juliet what you doing.”