Hollyoaks Martine will get back with ex Felix says Kelle Bryan as she teases steamy sex scenes filmed before lockdown


HOLLYOAKS star Kéllé Bryan has revealed that her character Martine Deveraux will get back with her evil ex-boyfriend Felix Westwood.

Kéllé, 45, admitted there will be some intimate scenes to accompany their reunion – which were filmed before the UK started practicing social distancing.

Kéllé Bryan has revealed that her Hollyoaks character Martine will get back with her ex

Speaking exclusively to HOAR Online, the Hollyoaks actress said: “It’s so funny because before we closed, we were having precautions of you’ve got to be careful with this and that, and Richard and I obviously shot intimate scenes and they were like, ‘oh are you sure you should be doing that?’.

“I said, ‘well what it’s what I’ve been doing with him for the last two weeks, so if you’ve got anything, I’ve most definitely got it!”

Richard Blackwood plays the role of evil Felix Westwood

Kéllé continued: “So I was like, ‘we may as well just carry on, nothing is going to change!’

“We just looked at each other and laughed and I was like, ‘yes its fine, whatever he’s got I’ve got. We’ve passed that stage, I’m sure i can hold hands, it’ll be just fine.”

However, the former Eternal star didn’t go into detail about how steamy their scenes will be – and whether or not they will become a couple again.

Felix sold his triples as babies in order to make some cash

Just two months ago, Hollyoaks fans witnessed Martine punch her ex as they came face-to-face for the first time in 26 years.

The former air hostess was horrified that Felix had the cheek to turn up after he manipulated her to give up their triplets when they were just babies.

Viewers previously saw Martine explain to her children Celeste, Toby and Mitchell that Felix had convinced her to sell them to an evil doctor for cash.

The family have certainly had their fair share of drama since arriving in Hollyoaks

“He was charming funny, but there was another side to Felix. He’s dangerous, manipulative and intimidating. Other things were going on that I didn’t realise – theft, blackmail, violence. Anything to get cash,” she told the triplets.

“I was desperate for him to love me that I stayed silent. Felix is clever. He’s likeable, no-one would ever believe he would do these things.”

Speaking about how things will be on set once the Hollyoaks cast return to filming, Kéllé added: “We’re following government guidelines and also looking at it, looking at other ways of doing stuff.

Martine has been keen to rebuild a relationship with her children

“I think that’s what we’re doing at the moment and I know Bryan [Kirkwood, executive producer] is sort of well and truly in control of that and doing really well with coming up with their solutions and ways of doing things differently.”

She continued: “We’ve all got to face that fact that when we do go back it’s not normal, it’s a new normal and we’re going to find new ways of doing things.

“I think we’re going to have to do that because you know, this virus, we’re quite some time away from finding a vaccination so we’re going to have to find new ways of doing things and that’s fine by me!”

But before the cast are back on set, Channel 4 have decided to air some classic episodes after the show’s weekly episodes were minimised due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The soap’s most notorious serial killers, Silas Blissett and Breda McQueen, will return as Hollyoaks share some throwbacks.

HOAR Online first revealed how Hollyoaks was sliming down its soap schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic, airing normal current episodes Monday to Wednesday and repeats to finish the week on Thursday and Friday.

Editorial work on the soap has continued, with script writers working from home for future episodes.