Hollyoaks spoilers: Edward tricks Tony into going back to work despite drugging him


HOLLYOAKS’ evil dad Edward Hutchinson is going to trick his son Tony into going back to work tonight as part of his twisted plan.

The surgeon – who is played by actor Joe McGann in the Channel 4 soap – has convinced his son Tony that he has a brain tumour in an effort to split him up from his wife Diane.

Edward will do anything to destroy Tony’s relationship with Diane

He has even gone as far as to drug Tony to induce personality swings – to convince his family that he is truly sick.

But he’s hit a roadblock with Tony – and now in tonight’s episode Tony declares he wants a second opinion forcing Edward to think fast.

In a twist Edward tells Tony he lied about his recent test results and then tells him he’s fine to return to work.

Tony doesn’t understand what’s happening to him

But with Tony’s mood swings, thanks to the drugs Edward is feeding him, leaving his family increasingly worried, will he be left more at his dad’s mercy than ever before?

Last week Edward manipulated Tony into erupting in a rage with Nancy Osbourne.

Tony was left mortified by what he had done – but Edward used it to warn Diane that Tony could be left angry for the rest of his life.

Viewers were devastated for Tony.

One said: “Feel sorry for Tony bc Edward’s turning him into something he isn’t and I feel sorry for Nancy bc she got the brunt of it #hollyoaks.”

While another commented: “This isn’t Tony’s fault, it’s Edward’s. I HATE him #Hollyoaks.”

This one said: “hope people are keeping in mind that this isn’t actually Tony, whatever Edward is drugging him with is causing this #Hollyoaks.”