How old is Kathy Beale in Eastenders?


PETER Beale decided to drastically lower Kathy Beale’s age on her dating app profile last Friday night (October 16) in the hope of securing her a date.

But what fans really want to know after Peter lowered Kathy’s age to 45, is how old is Kathy really in the BBC one soap? Here’s the lowdown…

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Kathy Beale is meant to be 70 in EastEnders

How old is Kathy in Eastenders?

EastEnders viewers couldn’t quite believe that Kathy Beale is 70 when they caught a glimpse of her dating app profile last Friday night (October 16).

Viewers got a glimpse of the profile as Peter decided to shave off quite a few years – and lie that she was only 45.

Baffled by the reveal of Kathy’s age, viewers took to Twitter to express their shock.

Peter lowered Kathy’s age to 45 on her dating app profile

One viewer tweeted: “Wait Kathy is supposed to be 70 in Eastenders!”

Another added: “How is Kathy from EastEnders 70 please???? She looks about 40?”

A third viewer said: “God help me if I’m still swiping right when I’m 70 like Kathy.”

Shocking as it may seem, Kathy is indeed meant to be 70 on the soap. 

Fans will remember that Kathy was one of EastEnders’ original cast members, appearing in the soap’s very first episode back in February 1985.

The character left the show in 1998 after being involved in a number of dramatic storylines including an abusive relationship with Phil Mitchell, two rape plots and her son suffering from a rare form of Meningitis.

It was thought that Kathy had died off-screen in 2006 in a car crash in South Africa, but she proved everyone wrong when she appeared during a live special of the soap for its 30th anniversary episode.

It was later revealed she had faked her own death to escape her controlling husband Gavin Sullivan.

Kathy later made a permanent return to the soap.

Kathy actress Gillian Taylforth is 64 in real life

How old is Gillian Taylforth in real life?

Actress Gillian Taylforth is 64 years old and began her acting career in the 70s.

She starred in the likes of Play For Today, Shelley, Minder and the movie The Long Good Friday before bagging a role in EastEnders when it was first broadcast back in 1985.

Since then, the actress has also appeared in all five series of Footballers’ Wives, been a recurring panellist on Loose Women, competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 and appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in 2013.

Kathy injures her ankle next week during her date with a younger man called Iain

What will happen to Kathy in Eastenders?

Official spoilers have revealed that Peter’s lie about Kathy’s age won’t pay off next week when her date with a man named Iain takes a disastrous turn.

Peter warns her that he’s lowered her age ahead of the date, but Kathy isn’t bothered and heads out to meet Iain anyway.

But as they’re enjoying a drink – or few – at The Prince Albert, she ends up tripping over and injuring herself. 

And when Ash examines her ankle, she advises her to go to hospital. 

Kathy is mortified and kicks herself for lying about her age.

But with EastEnders having confirmed that Kathy will finally getting a new love interest on the soap after being single for two years, might it turn out that Iain wants to see her again?

With EastEnders keeping exact plot details secret, viewers will have to wait and see.