Inside real life Emmerdale couple Charley Webb & Matthew Wolfenden’s epic countryside mansion with huge modern kitchen


Emmerdale star Charley Webb has given fans a sneak peek inside the countryside mansion she shares with her former co-star husband Matthew Wolfenden.

Away from the Dales

The couple met whilst they were both appearing on the ITV soap opera although Charley has since quit the show with Matthew's permanent exit from the programme also imminent. Away from life in the Dales, the pair enjoy downtime in their luxury home with their children.

A glimpse of luxury

In a new post on Instagram, the mansion could be seen in all its glory as Charley showed off its stunning interior. As part of a paid partnership, Charley explained how she likes to keep her home in order and organised and not filled with clutter.

Sleek and modern kitchen

In the clip, the couple's sleek modern kitchen could be seen as it looked out onto an open-plan living and dining area. With a shiny finish, the room looked exquisitely tidy with everything neatly put away behind the cupboard doors.

Relaxation time

In another shot, Charley could be seen putting her feet up to relax after doing her daily clothes wash. She was sat atop a huge burnt orange-colored sofa which featured a ribbed design.

Health is a priority

Elsewhere in the huge home, it seems that Charley and Matthew take health very seriously as she showed off her huge "medicine cupboard". At least nine boxes packed to the brim with vitamins, supplements, and medication could be seen lining the shelves with each one correctly labeled to avoid any unwanted mistakes.

A peek into their son's bedroom

Charley also shared a look inside one of her sons' bedrooms as she got the room ready despite admitting to having a hectic schedule which had kept her away from home for an extended period of time. In a voiceover for the clip, she told her followers that being at home and organizing was like pressing a "reset button".

Emmerdale fame and family life

Charley and Matthew rose to fame for their roles as Debbie Dingle and David Metcalfe on Emmerdale. They are parents to three boys – Buster, 12, Bowie, six, and Ace, two.

Matthew's exit and upcoming storylines

Matthew is expected to leave his role that brought him stardom after he quit over a lack of 'gritty storylines'. His exit is expected to coincide with his son Jacob beginning a relationship with David's ex, whom he still loves, Victoria. Upcoming scenes will show Victoria passionately romping with her stepson after the pair continue to grow closer and closer.

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