Jacqueline Jossa slams ‘strange odd hater’ who criticised her for selling ‘terrible s***’ clothes


JACQUELINE Jossa has hit out after a troll criticised her for selling “terrible s***” clothes.

The former EastEnders star, 28, was quick to defend her clothing collection with fashion retailer In The Style, calling the user a “strange odd hater”.

Jacqueline Jossa has defended her clothing range with In The Style

It comes after the actress took to Instagram to answer a series of fan questions.

During the Q+A, one asked: “Why do you always release terrible s**t in the style clothes?”

Hitting back, Jac replied: “Ermmm I don’t! It’s beautiful, we work hard on it and sell pretty dang well! Shhhh you wolly…

“I have a question for you hun… why follow me and join in on this if you are a strange odd hater?”

The EastEnders star fired back on Instagram

She called the troll a ‘strange odd hater’

Jacqueline previously signed a six-figure deal with the clothing website

The comment comes days after the actress slammed a troll who claimed she was “too orange” on Instagram.

Earlier this week, Jacqueline opened up on her marriage to husband Dan Osborne in a exclusive chat with HOAR.

During the interview, Jacqueline insisted she’s no doormat following past claims Dan has cheated.

She said: “Daniel got so attacked by so many people and in turn I was attacked as my name was being brought into it. I was seen as weak. And I am not weak.

Jacqueline often takes to social media to show off her collection

She regularly defends herself against trolls

The actress is happily married to husband Dan Osborne

“It’s never, ever been a case of ‘poor Jacqueline’ – that really annoys me – and it’s never been Jacqueline versus Dan.

“You can’t fight a problem by fighting against it. you have to come together to fight the problem, rather than fighting each other. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Jacqueline and Dan have been together for seven years after meeting at an awards ceremony in 2013, while Dan’s ex Megan was pregnant with his son Teddy.

Despite appearing happier than ever, their relationship has been dogged by accusations of infidelity for years.