Kat Slater makes big decision about Phil Mitchell wedding in EastEnders


Kat makes a huge decision about their future

Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater have been engaged for over a year but their wedding plans have been put on hold. However, next week in EastEnders, Kat will make a significant decision about their engagement that could change everything. What will it be?

Kat's return leads to tense scenes

After leaving Walford to visit her sister Little Mo, Kat Slater (played by Jessie Wallace) is back in the Square. However, her return brings some tense moments as she discovers that her son Tommy Moon has been acting out again, and her former husband Alfie Moon may be dealing with prostate cancer.

Kat confronts Phil over secrets

When Alfie tells Kat that Tommy has lashed out at him, she is furious. She discovers that both Phil Mitchell and Alfie have been handling Tommy's behavior without her at The Boxing Den. Kat then confronts her fiancé Phil and accuses him of keeping secrets. This leads to a shocking revelation of Alfie's cancer scare.

Could their relationship be damaged?

Kat is horrified by the news and rushes to be with Alfie at the hospital. She and Phil have a heated argument, which raises the question of whether their relationship can recover from this deception. Despite Phil's attempts to make amends, Kat remains distant and holds a grudge.

Kat makes a decision

After Alfie lets them down, Kat takes matters into her own hands and books the registry office for the following week. She wants to move forward and marry Phil. But will they actually go through with it after previously postponing their wedding?

EastEnders drama continues

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