Linda Carter Left Terrified by Halloween Shocker in EastEnders


Less than a year after the apparent death of her husband Mick, Linda Carter is determined to make Halloween a special occasion. However, the EastEnders favourite, played by Kellie Bright, is in for a horrifying surprise ahead of her big night.

A Halloween Mix-up

The drama begins with a mix-up involving George Knight, Linda's partner.

Motherly Support

Linda's mother, Elaine Peacock, is adamant on helping her daughter forget about Mick and is there to provide support.

According to soap boss Chris Clenshaw, fans of the London-based program can expect tough times ahead for Linda as Halloween approaches. The yearly event has always been a cherished tradition for Linda and Mick, but after his apparent death at sea, Linda must try to make the best out of a bittersweet situation.

To help her celebrate Halloween, Linda can count on the support of her mother Elaine Peacock (played by Harriet Thorpe) and her partner George Knight (played by Colin Salmon). However, in scenes airing next week on BBC One, Linda is determined to go big on party plans at The Vic, despite Elaine's concerns that nobody is in the mood to celebrate due to Jay Brown's accident.

Jay's recent downward spiral, triggered by the devastating death of his wife Lola Pearce, culminated in a horrific car accident. The atmosphere becomes even more tense when Linda realizes that George is keeping something from Elaine. Unfortunately, these tensions come to light when Linda's mother overhears them arguing and demands immediate answers.

George is forced to confess that he has paid out 50% of the bar sale to his ex-wife Cindy Beale, also known as Rose Knight. Elaine is furious and hurt by this revelation. After a heart-to-heart with Linda, Elaine agrees to hear George out and he explains his reasons.

Later, Elaine decides to rally the punters at The Vic and get the party started, as she knows it was one of Mick and Linda's beloved traditions. However, after putting her son Ollie to sleep, Linda heads to the kitchen and receives an unwelcome shock.

In later scenes, the Knights rally around Linda in her time of need. Viewers have been speculating that Linda may come face to face with her rapist Dean Wicks. Earlier this year, Dean was mentioned as Shirley Carter spent time with him away from Walford after Mick's disappearance. Is it possible that the pair will decide to return to Albert Square, especially with Mick no longer around to keep Dean in check?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Support from The Knights

Linda's partner George Knight and her mother Elaine Peacock support her through this difficult time.

A Mother's Protection

What measures will Elaine take to protect her daughter from further harm?

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