Nicky Milligan gets new love interest in Emmerdale – and Gabby Thomas is furious

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AFTER a disastrous wedding day with Gabby Thomas, Nicky Milligan is trying to move on from his troubled past.

He finds the opportunity for a fresh start with a new love interest rocking up to Emmerdale – and his former bride hits the roof.

Nicky Milligan ruined his own wedding day to Gabby Thomas

But he finally finds a chance to start afresh next week

But this only angers Gabby

The hunk portrayed by Lewis Cope was exposed as Caleb Milligan’s son and a huge fraud in explosive scenes aired on ITV.

Nicky revealed to Gabby Thomas (played by Rosie Bentham) he was gay and marrying her in an attempt to profit off of her share of the Tate fortune.

Since then, both Nicky and Gabby have been trying to move on but the latter doesn’t miss out on an occasion to angrily set her former beau straight.

Coming up next week, Nicky shows up at Home Farm with a card for Clemmie’s birthday – but he’s immediately thrown out by a fuming Gabby.

Later on, Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) is reunited with his nephew after some troubled times with his son Jai.

Next week, viewers will be introduced to Jai’s cousin Suni as actor Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana takes on the new role.

Suni arrives in the village in advance of Jai and Laurel’s wedding and it’s not long before Nicky Milligan catches his eye.

Gabby soon spots the pair getting acquainted and lays into Nicky in front of a stunned pub.

Could that be enough for Suni to turn away from Nicky?

As mentioned above, Nicky scammed his way into Gabby’s heart after being employed as a nanny in Home Farm, thus caring for her son Thomas and Dawn’s children, Lucas and Clemmie.

Unfortunately, Gabby was in over her head as Nicky was helping his father Caleb get into Kim Tate’s wallet and take everything away from her as Frank Tate’s illegitimate son.

Nicky lost everything the day he revealed the truth to Gabby, tired of living a lie… and desperately wanting to be with his real lover, Ally.

Unfortunately for him, Ally refused to pursue a relationship with Nicky after finding out what he had been up to.

Could Suni be a perfect match?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Suni catches Nicky’s eye upon his arrival

But could Gabby ruin the budding romance?