Nine Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Asha’s awful discovery and Johnny’s awkward meeting with Scott


ASHA Alahan’s world comes crashing down further when she is sent a link to her video on a porn site next week in Coronation Street.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the ITV soap next week…

Asha’s nightmare worsens

Asha is sent a link to her video on a porn site in Corrie next week

Dev forces Asha to attend Mary’s youth volunteering group as they tidy up Victoria Gardens. 

But the other kids recognise Asha from the video and start laughing at her. 

Later, Asha feels sick as she’s sent a link to her video on a porn site. 

Aadi starts a fight

Aadi starts a fight with a boy who laughs at Asha next week in Corrie

It all kicks off when Aadi notices one of the guys laughing at Asha and leaps on him to start a fight at Mary’s volunteering group.

Mary does her best to separate them but it’s fair to say she’s a bit overwhelmed by the situation.

Ken is victorious

Corrie’s Ken finally gets proof that Charles is scamming the pensioners

Ken finally discovers proof that Charles put all the payments from the Still Waters residents into his own bank account. 

At the retirement home election, Ken gleefully exposes Charles to the residents. 

Ken then nervously waits for the election result to be announced, but is Charles going to get one over on him yet again? 

Johnny comes face-to-face with Scott

Johnny gets Carla and Peter behind the bar as he escapes abroad in Corrie

Johnny tiptoes around the pub, desperate not to bump into mysterious newcomer Scott. 

But despite trying to avoid Scott at all costs, Johnny bumps into him and is speechless when Scott greets him as an old friend

Later, Johnny packs his bags to leave for the airport and Scott tells him there’s no hard feelings about the past.

But what dirt does Scott have on Johnny and what’s their connection?

Dev discovers the video

David tells Dev about the video of Asha and rages at her

David is horrified when he catches Max watching the video of Asha on his phone and searches for Dev to tell him the bad news. 

Dev is furious and rages at Asha, but later supports her when she breaks down in tears. 

Ken makes a life-changing decision

Ken decides the retirement complex will never feel like home in Corrie

Ken tells Claudia that Still Waters will never feel like his home. 

But when Claudia announces that she’s having the time of her life and wants to stay, Ken is at a loss what to do. 

What will he decide?

Dev goes to the police

Corrie’s Dev reports the incident to the police

Asha begs her dad not to go to the police and, to begin with, Dev agrees. 

But when he realises it’s now on the internet, he rushes to the station to report the school kids. 

Asha’s furious with him for going back on his word.

Will this nip Asha’s nightmare in the bud or is the worse of her pain yet to come?

Yasmeen loses another friend

Geoff manipulates Yasmeen into offending Cathy in Corrie

Geoff is unsettled when he spots a leaflet on domestic abuse that Yasmeen has been looking at which lists signs of controlling behaviour. 

He decides he needs to up his act and manages to make Yasmeen lose another friend – this time Cathy

When Geoff manipulates the situation so that Yasmeen offends her, Cathy storms out of the house. 

Geoff then sneers at Yasmeen and tells her she’s probably lost Cathy forever. 

Gary learns the truth

Gary learns that Kelly was kicked out of her old school for money reasons in Corrie

Gary is unsettled to find Kelly crying on the cobbles and asks her what’s wrong. 

It turns out she was thrown out of her old school after her dad Rick Neelan stopped paying the fees. 

Gary is baffled, given that he’s been paying the fees after killing her dad in self-defence and burying him in the woods. 

What’s going on?