Pregnant Dawn Taylor collapses after being hit in Emmerdale

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JOY made its way back to Home Farm when Dawn Taylor revealed she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, happiness never really lasts long in Emmerdale and she collapses after being hit.

Dawn Taylor revealed she was pregnant

She has been married to Billy Fletcher for more than a year

But could it all go wrong?

Dawn and Billy Fletcher (respectively portrayed by Olivia Bromley and Jay Kontzle) tied the knot in early 2022, facing the wrath of a vengeful Meena Jutla on their wedding day.

Since then, the pair have been working on starting a family and adopted orphaned Clemmie following the death of her mother Beth.

The couple were adamant on welcoming her into their home when Dawn’s former partner Alex Moore was revealed to be Clemmie’s biological father – making the little girl Lucas’ half-sister.

The ITV soap is throwing the happy couple a brand new storyline as Dawn reveals she’s expecting their first child.

Coming up next week, the pair go to the hospital for the first can and Dawn is taken aback to hear she’s sixteen weeks pregnant.

Her and Billy are emotional as they gaze at their baby for the first time.

The following day, Billy and Dawn are united as they plan to give Clemmie (Mabel Addison) an extra-special birthday before they break the news that she’s going to have a new sibling.

However, Clemmie’s subdued as she opens her birthday presents in later scenes and Dawn and Billy are worried for her as she tells them that no matter what she wishes for on her birthday, it won’t bring her mother back. 

After Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) turns up with a card for Clemmie, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) throws him out and in the aftermath, accidentally reveals Dawn’s pregnancy to Lucas and Clemmie.

It’s chaos at Home Farm as Dawn and Billy struggle to calm Clemmie, who’s convinced that the new baby will mean she’s forced out of the family.

As Clemmie’s upset escalates, she pushes a dining stool into Dawn’s stomach.

When Dawn collapses, Clemmie’s frozen in horror at what she’s done.

Alarmed at Dawn’s condition, Billy convinces her she needs to go to A&E while Clemmie hides, terrified and guilt-ridden.

Billy and Dawn arrive at the hospital – but what news will they receive about their baby?

Meanwhile, a distraught Clemmie lets herself out of the back door of Home Farm and disappears into the night.

How will Dawn and Billy react to Clemmie running away?

Will they find her?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Dawn and Billy go to their first scan

Will the pregnancy be peaceful for Dawn?
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