Rhona and Pierces explosive showdown in Emmerdale explained as Rhona sacrifices herself to save Vanessa


RHONA Goskirk is set to finally face her ex Pierce Harris in an explosive showdown that leaves several villagers lives in danger.

The brave vet sacrifices her own safety to save best mate Vanessa from her ex husband – whos been holding her hostage for days.

Pierce takes Rhona’s phone during their reunion

What do we know about Pierce and Rhonas showdown in Emmerdale?

Last nights episode saw Rhona finally come face-to-face with her rapist and ex husband Pierce – who’s been secretly stalking her following his early release from prison.

Rhona was horrified as his face popped up on a video call from Vanessa.

Pierce explained how he had Vanessa and Johnny held hostage and demanded that Rhona meet him the next day in exchange for their safety.

In episodes set to air this week, official spoilers have revealed that Rhona will be forced to pack a bag and meet Pierce at Mulberry Cottage.

She hands over her phone to Pierce as the pair have a dramatic reunion.

But Pierces feathers are ruffled when Kim bursts into the scene and demands to know whats going on.

Pierce isnt best pleased and lashes out at Kim, knocking her unconscious.

Pierce then binds her hands in the bedroom as Rhona tells him she knows he killed Graham.

Rhona and Pierce then have an explosive showdown – but will it be a fight to the death?

Emmerdale’s Pierce isn’t best pleased when Kim disturbs his reunion with Rhona

Will Rhona be in danger in Emmerdale?

With Rhona set for an explosive showdown with Pierce, it’s fair to say things aren’t looking great for the vet.

Pierce was jailed for raping Rhona on their wedding day and the brute has since murdered her boyfriend Graham Foster – so who knows what he could do next.

But actor Jonathan Wrather – who plays Pierce in the ITV soap – has hinted that Rhona won’t go down without a fight against Pierce.

He told HOAR Online: “Thats the thing would she get revenge? Has she got it in her?

“Shes feisty and she doesnt stand for anything. She could get some ingenious revenge or she could be terrified.

“It will be terrifying without doubt that Pierce is out and whats he going to do? The effect it has on her can go a number of different ways and we will see that.

“Certainly she reacts in a way that we dont know what she is capable of.”

Rhona was shocked to see Pierce’s face in Emmerdale

What happens to Vanessa in Emmerdale?

Official spoilers have revealed that Charity receives some devastating news about Vanessa this week.

Is Charity about to lose her soul mate for good?

It’s fair to say things aren’t looking great for Vanessa after Pierce neglected to take her to the toilet for eight days.

But it’s not yet clear what Pierce will do with Vanessa now that shes served her purpose, and fans will have to tune in to see whether she’ll ever see the light of day again.