Sam Dingle Worried About Wife Lydia’s Rekindled Connection With Ex Craig in Emmerdale


Craig, Lydia's childhood sweetheart, made an unexpected appearance at the village job fair and surprised Lydia Dingle. But in the upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, jealousy starts to consume Lydia's husband Sam as he observes them getting close again. Should Sam Dingle be concerned?

The Reappearance of Lydia's Childhood Sweetheart

Lydia and Sam Dingle have been struggling to make ends meet, especially after the birth of their granddaughter Esther last year. When Lydia asked Kim Tate for more work hours, she received a stern refusal, which led her to attend the job fair in the village. It was at this event that she ran into someone from her past – Craig, whom she knew from their time at the children's home.

Reconnecting with Old Memories

In the upcoming episodes on ITV, Sam and Lydia discuss Craig's reappearance before Lydia reconnects with her childhood sweetheart at The Hide. Craig has a job offer for Lydia and soon follows through with it. As they catch up on each other's lives since their time at the children's home, their connection is rekindled effortlessly.

Awe and Intimidation

Meanwhile, Samson, Sam and Lydia's son, is in awe of Craig's car as he drops Lydia back home. Samson bombards Lydia with questions about Craig, admiring his wealth, while Sam feels somewhat intimidated. The youngster is thrilled to discover that Craig's company is behind one of his favorite phone games and asks Lydia to help him get some work experience there.

Sam Feeling Left Out

At the company offices, Lydia inquires about Samson's work experience with Craig, but an awkward encounter ensues, and Craig abruptly leaves. However, Craig later returns, confirming Samson's work experience as Lydia had hoped. While Samson is overjoyed, Sam starts to feel insignificant in their growing connection.

The Tension Grows

Before long, Lydia introduces an awe-struck Samson to Craig. Craig effortlessly settles into their lives and offers to help fix the guttering that Sam had neglected. Sam starts to feel pushed aside by Craig, but what action will he take? Could his marriage with Lydia genuinely be in danger?

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