Sarah Jayne Dunn Shows off Incredible Figure Ahead of Pole Dancing Session in Barbados


Sarah Jayne Dunn, former Hollyoaks star, delighted fans with her stunning physique as she prepared for a pole dancing session in Barbados. The actress playfully admitted to experiencing withdrawals while enjoying her holiday in the sun.

Discovering a Pole Dancing Studio

Fortunately, Sarah's cravings were satisfied when she stumbled upon a pole dancing studio during a quick Google search. Sporting a red bikini top and thong, she enthusiastically shared her discovery with her followers. She wrote, "I was having withdrawals from my pole classes, so I did a quick google search and discovered @wildchildbarbados and booked onto a class to get my fix."

Overcoming Anxiety and Reconnecting with Her Body

Although Sarah felt anxious about joining a new studio in a foreign country, she quickly felt welcomed and at ease. She expressed her joy at reconnecting with her body and returning to the pole. In one of the photos she shared, Sarah showcased her incredible strength as she held herself upside down on the pole.

Enjoying a Holiday with Her Son

During her holiday in Barbados, Sarah has been spending quality time with her son Stanley, who is six years old. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to provide him with unforgettable experiences. They have been indulging in delicious dinners, taking dips in the sea, and lounging by the swimming pool.

Departure from Hollyoaks

Sarah Jayne Dunn left the popular soap opera Hollyoaks after refusing to give up her presence on OnlyFans, an 18+ modeling network. She explained that joining the platform was a way for her to regain control over her image. Despite the threat of losing her lucrative job on the soap, she stood her ground and ultimately left the show in a dispute with executives. Soap bosses stated that they were unable to reach a resolution.

Overall, Sarah's pole dancing adventure in Barbados serves as a testament to her dedication to fitness and her refusal to conform to societal expectations.