Sarah Platt Uncovers Shocking Family Secret After 36 Years in Coronation Street


Platts Reeling from Stephen Reid's Death

In a surprising turn of events on Coronation Street, Sarah Platt stumbles upon a secret that her late uncle had kept hidden for 36 years. The question remains: what could it be?

Audrey Roberts Discovers Clues

As the Platts cope with the aftermath of Stephen Reid's shocking demise, his mother Audrey Roberts takes hold of his belongings. Little does she know that they hold the key to a long-buried secret.

David Shares a Bombshell with Sarah

It all starts when Audrey begins sorting through Stephen's things. Sarah's brother David reveals a significant secret that he found in Stephen's journal. The revelation turns Sarah's world upside down.

Audrey's Determination to Preserve Her Son's Memory

Despite Stephen's dark past as a serial killer, Audrey refuses to discard his belongings. Her refusal prompts David to delve deeper into Stephen's journal and uncover a stunning revelation about Sarah's paternity.

Gail's Doubts and Sarah's Reaction

David informs Sarah about Gail's initial uncertainty regarding her father's identity. This long-kept secret leaves Sarah with a range of emotions. How will she react to this unexpected revelation?

An Urgent Family Meeting

Gail calls for a family meeting to address the ongoing conflicts and to provide support for Audrey. The mystery surrounding Sarah's father remains unresolved. Will the truth ever come to light?

The Search for Sarah's Biological Father

Sarah Platt, the manager of Underworld, was born on February 2, 1987. It was believed that her biological father was Brian Tilsley, who tragically lost his life when Sarah was just two years old. However, could there be another mysterious man in Gail's life that viewers have yet to meet?

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