Seven Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Faith Dingle’s return


FAITH Dingle returns next week and causes a showdown between Cain and Chas. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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Juliette kidnaps Carl to split Jimmy and Nicola up

1. Juliette kidnaps Carl

Juliette watches Nicola and Jimmy from afar before approaching Carl. 

Later, Nicola realises Carl is missing but he soon appears with Juliette who warns she’ll involve a solicitor if she’s not given access. 

Nicola and Jimmy agree to keep everything secret from Carl, but they fail to notice he has a note from Juliette with her contact number on it. 

The following morning, Jimmy is horrified when he realises Carl has gone missing. 

Jimmy frantically rings the police but when PC Swirling arrives, they’re stunned to hear Angel admit that Carl is with Juliette. 

Nicola organises a meeting with Juliette behind Jimmy’s back

2. Nicola takes matters into her own hands

When Juliette arrives with Carl, Jimmy urges PC Swirling to arrest her but Juliette worms her way out of the situation. 

Later, Nicola secretly calls Juliette and arranges to meet behind Jimmy’s back. 

Their meeting goes smoothly until Jimmy gets back early from work and bursts in. 

Tracy gives birth next week in Emmerdale

3. Tracy gives birth 

Nate panics when Tracy doubles up in pain and realises her waters have broken.

Cain rushes to get his car and drives them to hospital, where Tracy is taken off to the labour ward.

Nate feels overwhelmed by the situation and escapes to the corridor, where he ends up bonding with Cain in the corridor.

Encouraged by Cain’s words, Nate rushes back to Tracy for the final stages of her labour. 

As she gives birth, Nate holds up his daughter in his hands. 

Will Nate and Tracy get a happily ever after?

Moira bumps into Faith next week in Emmerdale

4. Faith Dingle returns 

Cain and Moira plan a night away but have to cancel their plans when Tracy goes into labour. 

As Moira leaves the hotel she’s stunned to bump into Faith dressed as an undertaker.

As Faith tries to slink away, Moira demands answers but Faith runs to a hearse, steals it and speeds away out of the car park. 

When Moira gets home she spots a poorly concealed hearse parked up and demands to know what’s going on. 

Faith explains why she’s been staying away and, securing Moira’s sympathy, asks if she thinks Cain could forgive her. 

Cain orders Faith to leave but Chas has different ideas

5. Cain and Chas lock horns

When Cain arrives back at the hospital, Faith steps out from the front room and begs for his forgiveness. 

But a furious Cain orders her to get out of the house.

However, Chas is stunned to see Faith and argues with Cain over whether she can stay. 

Chas decides there’s only one way to resolve the situation – a Dingle court. 

Will Cain give in?

Gabby horrifies Jamie by moving into Home Farm

6. Gabby moves into Home Farm 

Gabby Thomas horrifies Jamie Tate by moving into Home Farm next week after Kim discovers she’s pregnant and starts pulling the strings.

Jamie savagely rejected Gabby in recent scenes and told her their night together was a drunken mistake. 

So how will Jamie react?

7. Rishi confides in Charity 

Manpreet devastated when Rishi rejects her advances yet again.

Later, Rishi confides in Charity and asks her for advice about his relationship. 

He’s taken aback by the sincerity of Charity’s answer. 

Will Rishi take up the advice?

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