Seven explosive Coronation Street spoilers as Summer Spellman makes a decision about surprise pregnancy

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SUMMER Spellman’s plans for the future have all been turned on their head after she found out she was pregnant.

The overwhelmed youngster makes a huge decision. Get the lowdown on all of the other upcoming drama in Coronation Street.

Summer Spellman found out she was pregnant in recent Corrie scenes

Her original plan was to give her baby up for adoption

Billy’s friend Esther was ready to adopt the baby

But Summer changes her mind this week and Billy struggles to accept it

1. Summer makes a choice

The teenager portrayed by Harriet Bibby left soap fans in shock after she found out she was expecting her first child.

Summer is hit with a series of conflicting emotions but soon finds a solution to avoid facing motherhood at such an early age.

Esther, played by Waterloo Road star Vanessa Hehir, agrees to take Summer’s baby to finally have the family she’s been longing for.

However, adoption will no longer be an option for Summer this week.

Coming up in the cobbles, she tells her boyfriend Aaron Sandford (portrayed by James Craven) that she has booked an appointment with Dr Gaddas for an abortion.

After seeing the doctor, she later admits to Aaron that she can’t help but feel upset.

Esther is gutted when she learns Summer has, instead, planned to terminate her pregnancy.

As a result, Esther makes a desperate move and offers Summer money to change her mind.

Summer’s guardian Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) walks in and is horrified when he realises Esther was willing to bribe Summer into having a baby.

He orders Esther to leave – but infers that he disapproves with Summer’s abortion.

The youngster is crushed and storms over to her room.

Later on, Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) shows more understanding and fights Summer’s corner by speaking to Billy.

He explains how she feels and urges him to support her despite his disapproval.

What will Billy do?

Stephen Reid ir targeting his mother again

2. Audrey is in danger

Meanwhile, Stephen Reid (played by Canadian actor Todd Boyce) continues to wreak havoc in Weatherfield.

And his mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) is, once again, in his target line.

This week, Stephen can’t believe his luck when the hairdresser hands him her phone, trusting him to turn off all notifications as it’s driving her mad.

Later on, he meets up with his estranged wife Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) who has also been a thorn in his side, and tells her he’s expecting the mortgage broker to call on his mother’s phone.

To make sure she gets all of Audrey’s money, Stephen asks Gabrielle to impersonate her.

Convinced that he’s finally going to get his hands on Audrey’s equity release money, he tells his sister Gail Platt (Helen Worth) that he’s ready to move on from the Street since Audrey’s health is clearly on the mend.

However, he’s shocked by an announcement from Audrey who, once again, thwarts his efforts.

There’s another surprise in store for Stephen when both Audrey and Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) suggest they could see the Northern Lights in Canada – and stay in one of his properties to save money.

Stephen is thrown into a panic and, to scupper their Canadian plan, convinces Gail that the weather is too harsh for them.

Instead, he suggests booking them a cruise to Norway.

Well underway to become the next Corrie serial killer after murdering Leo Thompkins in a fit of rage, could Stephen have more potential victims in mind?

Fiz Stape has no idea Hope could be in danger

3. Hope is being groomed

Isabella Flanagan‘s Hope Stape is chatting to a mystery pal online – and their intentions may not be good.

This week, Sam Blakeman (portrayed by Jude Riordan) first tells the young girl that he’s worried a letter might turn up from murderous Harvey Gaskell while he’s away.

The lad has been in touch with the criminal, demanding answers for his mother Natasha’s death.

Knowing he could get into trouble for writing to the incarcerated thug, Sam is convinced it would be best if he told his father Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) the truth.

Hope has another plan for Sam in mind and makes a troubling revelation.

The youngster tells Sam that coming clean about his link to Harvey would be a mistake.

Worse still, according to her gaming friend Mad Dog, adults should never be told any secrets.

It’s clear Hope is keeping something from her mother Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine).

The latter also has to deal with a journalist wanting to run an article about her late husband, serial killer John Stape.

In later scenes, Fiz learns that the journalist is planning to serialise a book about John Stape in the paper.

Her partner Tyrone Dobbs, knowing all about Phill Whittaker’s project around John Stape, reckons Fiz’s spurned fiancé could be behind it all.

Spider is reminded of his obligations

4. Spider is torn

Many obstacles have come in between Toyah Battersby (played by Georgia Taylor) and Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock).

But when Spider is reminded of his work obligations, he has little choice but to comply.

This is mostly due to the fact the authorities want him to keep a close eye on newcomer Griff (Michael Condron).

Coming up on ITV, eco-warrior Griff meets up with Toyah, Spider and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in the café and invites them all to a gig.

He explains that a mystery band announces their gigs on social media.

Later on, both Spider and Toyah agree to swerve Griff’s gig as they’d rather spend some time together instead.

However, Spider is given a reality check when speaking to his boss who tells him it’s imperative he attends the gig with Griff.

This pushes him to cancel his date with Toyah, breaking the news that he’ll be going to the gig after all – and she’s immediately put out.

But Spider feels like he needs to think through things, which leads him to make a drastic decision.

In later scenes, Spider meets up with his boss and tells them he wants out.

Unfortunately for him, giving up will be harder than expected as his boss wants to hear none of it.

Daisy isn’t sure she can fully commit to Daniel Osbourne and his son Bertie

5. Daisy has doubts

Daniel Osbourne (played by Rob Mallard) has finally moved on from the death of his wife Sinead and is ready to take his relationship with Daisy to the next level.

However, the Rovers barmaid portrayed by Charlotte Jordan isn’t at ease with the idea of moving into Daniel’s flat, due to it holding so many memories of the late Sinead.

Daisy admits this to Daniel – but he ends up snapping at her.

Later on, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) reveals to Daisy that the anniversary of Sinead’s death is to be celebrated the following day and she feels terrible.

But she makes up for it all the next day alongside Daniel and his son Bertie.

Daniel takes the young boy to Victoria Gardens before dropping him with Sinead’s aunt, Beth Tinker.

He then heads to the Rovers, admitting to Daisy he went through an emotional day but would very much like it if the three of them could live all together.

Daisy tells him she’s ready to take that step but another event is set to rattle her.

Beth calls at the flat with Bertie and recounts their day together.

Soon after, the three-year-old calls Daisy “Mummy”, surprising his father and horrifying Beth.

More importantly, however, he leaves Daisy unsettled and questioning her relationship with Daniel.

She tells Jenny Connor that she’s unsure if she’s ready for such a commitment.

A huge misunderstanding leaves Daisy and Daniel without a roof over their heads

6. Daniel and Daisy are homeless

But a huge misunderstanding will make matters worse for the couple.

Daisy prepares to move in with Daniel – while he gets ready to settle into the Rovers with her.

Paul offers Dee-Dee Bailey’s old room while Glenda Shuttleworth has her eye on Daisy’s room in the Rovers.

When Daniel and Daisy collide on the Street, both carrying their belongings, they realise they have nowhere to live.

Thankfully for them, Ken Barlow lets them stay at No.1… with a fuming Tracy.

Will they find another solution?

Eileen has a nasty accident this week in Corrie

7. Eileen sees the afterlife

Eileen (played by Sue Cleaver) is annoyed when Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) brings a huge pumpkin for them to carve and display at the Rovers.

In her eyes, Glenda is treating her house like a workshop and the Street Cars operator is having none of it.

Eileen picks up the pumpkin and heads out with it to teach her a lesson.

But when she strides down the street, she collides with another resident she’s been accustomed to quarrel with throughout the years, Gail Platt (played by Helen Worth).

The incident goes from bad to worse when Eileen trips over the pumpkin and knocks herself out.

A panicked George Shuttleworth and concerned Sean Tully (Tony Maudsley and Antony Cotton) rush to Eileen’s aid.

However, they’re shocked to see her come round appearing uncharacteristically chilled and pleasant.

In later scenes at No.11, a smiley Eileen tells her partner George that she intends to spoil him rotten.

George, who has been used to Eileen’s outspoken disposition, admits to Sean her new friendly demeanour is scaring him.

But it’s soon explained when Eileen tells him that she got a glimpse of heaven when she came round after her accident.

She’s since been convinced she had died and came back to life feeling calm and peaceful.

Eileen is eager to share her experience of heaven and then tells George she saw a bright light, smelt something sweet and hear strange music.

Later on, Eileen staggers in with the shopping and reveals her plan to do a cook-up for the soup kitchen.

Her son Todd, who perhaps knows her better than anybody else, tells George that there’s obviously something wrong with Eileen.

When Mary Taylor suggests she writes up Eileen’s experience of the afterlife for The Inexplicable, George tells her the truth, knowing his other half didn’t actually visit heaven.

How will she react?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.