Shock twist for EastEnders character Eve Unwin


Eve Unwin receives horrifying shock in latest episode

In tonight's episode of EastEnders, Eve Unwin, portrayed by Heather Peace, is devastated after being dumped by her lover Suki Panesar.

Eve decides to jump back into the dating pool

Undeterred, Eve decides to go on a date to try to move on from her heartbreak.

An awkward and disappointing date

The date turns out to be a complete mess, with the woman being too nervous to hold a conversation with Eve.

Despite Eve's attempts at flirting, nothing can salvage the situation, leading her to end the date prematurely.

A shocking revelation

Just as Eve is about to leave, the woman reveals a shocking secret that changes everything.

She confesses, "Because it’s taken me years to find you. And I didn’t know whether I should be doing this but I had to so I’ve been sat here all night trying to find the words I haven’t got. You really don’t recognise me? My real name’s Caroline Johnston. I'm the woman who was driving when your sister died."

Eve's shell-shocked reaction

Eve is left completely stunned and shocked by this revelation, as are the viewers.

Fans took to social media to express their emotions, with one saying, "And so Eve's backstory commences! This is going to get emotional."

Another fan commented, "Amanda told Eve who she really is, poor Eve."

The unexpected twist has left viewers eagerly anticipating the upcoming storyline and the emotional journey it will take Eve on.