Suki Panesar plots revenge as she discovers Eve’s murder in EastEnders


Suki Panesar takes drastic action after finding out about her husband's betrayal

Suki Panesar, the EastEnders businesswoman, is set to take drastic action next week when she discovers that her husband, Nish, has harmed her lover, Eve Unwin. This revelation prompts Suki to plot her revenge, as she believes it is the only way for her to finally live the happy life she deserves.

Is murder on the cards?

Suki's suspicions are confirmed when Stacey receives flowers from Eve, leading Suki to believe that Nish is responsible. After investigating Nish's laptop, Suki discovers that he knows about her affair with Eve. Fearing for Eve's safety, Suki confides in Stacey and plans her revenge against Nish. Could this revenge involve murder?

Suki puts her plan into action

Suki enlists the help of her son Vinny Panesar to create an opportunity for her to spend alone time with Nish. However, Stacey tries to intervene and convince Suki not to do anything drastic. As Nish returns home, Stacey makes a hasty exit. Will Suki go through with her plan to kill Nish off before the festive season?

The truth about Eve's fate

While Suki worries about Eve and Nish believes his rival is gone, it is revealed that Eve was never actually murdered. Following an altercation with Ravi Gulati, who was acting under Nish's orders, Eve was able to escape on the condition that she never returned to Walford. However, will Eve keep her word, or will she try to come back and take Nish down once and for all?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Suki Panesar plots revenge after discovering her husband's betrayal
  • She believes Nish may have murdered her lover, Eve Unwin
  • Suki enlists the help of her son to create an opportunity for revenge
  • The truth about Eve's fate is revealed – she was never actually murdered
  • Will Eve keep her promise to stay away, or will she come back for Suki?

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