Who is Kat Slater’s daughter in EastEnders and how many children does she have?

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IF you’re an EastEnders fan, then you may be aware of the character Kat Slater.

But you may not know about her.

Kat is portrayed by Jessie Wallace

Who is Kat Slater in EastEnders?

Kathleen Slater more commonly known as Kat is a character in EastEnders.

Her parents are Charlie and Viv Slater. She’s also the fiance of Phil Mitchell.

Kat’s known for her short skirts, leopard print tops, make up and heavy fake tan appearance.

Kat was previously married to Alfie Moon and was engaged to Andy Hunter.

Kat is portrayed by Jessie Wallace whom has won multiple awards for her performance. Kat’s also become one of the shows most loved characters.

How many children does Kat Slater have?

Kat has six children. They are:

  • Zoe Slater. Daughter of Kat and Harry Slater
  • Dermott Dolan. Son of Kat and Harry Slater. Dermot is Zoe’s twin
  • Tommy Moon. Son of Kat and Michael Moon
  • Scarlett Butcher. Kat’s foster daughter. Her parents are Michael and Janine Butcher
  • Bert Moon. Son of Kat and Alfie.
  • Ernie Moon. Son of Kat and Alfie.

Why did Kat and Zoe Slater fall out?

Zoe was raised by her father Charlie, Kat’s father and Zoe’s biological grandfather. She believed Kat was her sister.

However, in 2001 Kat screamed to Zoe that she was her mother. Kat had been raped by her uncle Harry, causing her to become pregnant with Zoe and Dermott.

Zoe is shocked over the revelations and runs away.

After being persuaded by Little Mo to come home, an argument ensues between Zoe and Kat, causing her to run away a second time.

Zoe ends up on the streets and is nearly persuaded to turn to prostitution by Roxy Drake before Kat comes and picks her up.

Zoe gets engaged to Anthony Trueman and leaves again but later returns and falls pregnant.

After an altercation, Zoe later believes she killed Dennis Rickman after hitting him with a doorstep. However, Dennis was actually killed by his wife Chrissie.

After being told the truth by Sam Mitchell, Zoe leaves for Ibiza and has an emotional goodbye from Kat.

In 2015, Kat reveals Zoe moved to Spain and hopes to save up and visit her.

However, Stacey tells Kat Zoe doesn’t want to see her due to her new job and new boyfriend meaning Zoe feels that she wants to move on in her life.

Kat eventually moves to Spain and tries to see Zoe however Zoe rejects her leaving her mother devastated.

Who is Kat Slater married to now?

Kat is currently engaged but she has been previously married to Alfie Moon and and Andy Hunter.

Are Phil and Kat still together?

Kat and Phil Mitchell are still together and are engaged.

They were going to get married but their wedding day was a disaster, leading to them to decide to remain engaged.

The disastrous day began with Kat’s ex husband Alfie arriving into town and ending up stranded in a canal with their twin sons.

However, the twins admitted to sabotaging the boat in order to prevent the wedding going forward.

Kat refuses Alfie’s advances and sets off towards the church. However, Phil is confronted by his ex-wife Sharon Watts.

Sharon tries to persuade Phil he is marrying the wrong woman before Kat arrives at the wedding.

Eventually, Kat and Phil have a conversation on whether the wedding will go ahead.

They later announce to their guests “We’ve talked it through and we’ve set another date with the vicar, so consider yourselves invited!”

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