Who is Nates mum in Emmerdale? Hes confirmed that Cain Dingle is his real father


EMMERDALE fans were left reeling when they discovered that Cain Dingle was Nate’s father – making their love triangle with Moira all the more awkward.

But who is the mysterious Nate? And who is his mother? Here’s what we know so far…

Emmerdale favourite Nate has been a mysterious figure since arriving in the village

Who is Nate’s mum in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans may now know the shocking truth that Cain is Nate’s dad, but viewers have still been left in the dark with who Nate’s mum is.

The mysterious character has managed to keep his real identity and origin under wraps since arriving in the village.

And since we don’t even know his true age, it’s quite difficult even for diehard fans to speculate who his mother could be.

Though that hasn’t stopped Emmerdale enthusiasts from throwing out some names as possible suggestions – such as Cain’s former lover Angie Reynolds who met her tragic end in 2002.

Emmerdale fans were shocked to learn that Cain Dingle is Nate’s father

Is Cain Dingle Nate’s real father?

Yes! In a shocking twist it was revealed on October 22’s episode that Cain is in fact Nate’s dad.

The startling revelation came as a fight erupted between Cain and Nate on a boat after discovering the affair.

While Moira was below deck, Cain seethed: “Some women, they read magazines, watch reality TV, that kind of thing. Moira does sex.

“She says it’s the only thing that stops her thinking. So when it comes to blokes, she doesn’t really make the best choices.”

Nate replied: “Your missus is bored of your boring life and your boring marriage. That’s why he’s going behind your back with me.

“In the caravan, the barn, in your bed while you were in Scotland. Last night, all night. The sex was the best she’s ever had, obviously.”

After that, Cain grabbed a plank and knocked him out cold – but he later came round, bursting onto the deck roaring: “You’re pathetic, old man.”

Putting his face close to Cain’s, he growled: “Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember.

“You see me now – Dad? You must have known that I’d come for you one day. I’m your son.”

Moira, apparently believing some kind of practical joke was taking place, lectured him: “If you think this is funny, it’s hardly the time.”

But Nate snapped: “Stay out of it. Your use is over.”

Sun Online readers had long suspected Nate is a Dingle, with a number of clues being dropped by scriptwriters that pointed to his true identity.