Why is Priya Sharma leaving Emmerdale?

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LIFE in the Dales has been nothing short of an adventure for Priya Sharma.

The beloved Emmerdale character will be waving goodbye to the eponymous village in upcoming scenes.

Priya Sharma will be leaving the ITV Dales in upcoming scenes

She has been involved in explosive storylines over the years

But why will she leave?

Why is Priya Sharma leaving Emmerdale?

The Take A Vow office will feel empty without her…

News of Priya Sharma’s departure shocked fans of the Yorkshire-based drama as she’d become one of their favourite faces in the village.

HOAR was first to report on soap legend Fiona Wade‘s decision to leave the long-running soap.

She recently confirmed her exit and has mentioned that her last scenes have already been filmed.

Speaking about her upcoming swan song, the 43-year-old actress admitted she was sad but stated she needed to challenge herself as an actor.

“It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. Leaving my Emmerdale family is a big thing and it wasn’t easy filming my last scenes”, she said.

“When you’ve been somewhere for that long and that’s your every day, it’s hard and feels sad.”

“But as every actor knows, you need to challenge yourself and that’s very important too.”

On-screen, Priya will be leaving the Dales as a new opportunity is given to her away from everything she has come to know.

When is Priya Sharma leaving Emmerdale?

Soap bosses initially remained tight-lipped about Priya’s departure but the mystery is over.

Spoilers have revealed the wedding planner will take her leave from Emmerdale next week.

But her exit won’t come without explosive scenes as she first has to make peace with the lingering trauma from being trapped in a maze fire.

As viewers will know, Priya suffered from terrible burns in October, 2021, following Andrea Tate’s showdown with serial killer Meena Jutla.

Priya will be facing her fears once and for all with the help of her brother Jai Sharma and village GP Manpreet Sharma.

Meanwhile, a Take A Vow client called Justin offers Priya’s boss Leyla Cavanagh a job with his London team.

In later scenes, Priya makes it clear she won’t be letting her past have an impact on her future as she shows up to work, much to Leyla and Suzy Merton’s surprise.

She then bumps into Justin and, after wearing her heart on her sleeve about her experience with fire, is offered the same job Leyla considers accepting.

To make matters worse, David Metcalfe gets wind of Priya’s plans to leave Emmerdale with their daughter Amba.

The shopkeeper, who has been going through troubled times, decides he has lost enough and spirals out of control.

How long has Priya Sharma been in Emmerdale?

Some ITV viewers will remember her Emmerdale debut which introduced them to a wild party girl refusing to take any responsibility – a far cry from the businesswoman she became.

Priya made her first appearance in the famous village on September 14, 2009, when she was shown getting drunk with Eli Dingle.

This means Priya has built a life for herself in the Dales during less than twelve years.

After more than a decade, Fiona reflected on the multiple jaw-dropping storylines her character was involved.

As mentioned above, Priya was left severely burned in 2021, but she also dealt with a relapse in her eating disorder as she grew accustomed to her skin grafts.

Prior to this, Priya was involved in a love triangle with Debbie Dingle and former fiancé Al Chapman, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“There are so many blessings that come your way when you’re in a show like Emmerdale”, Fiona told HOAR.

“To be given a character that you can make yours, to have fantastic writers that enable you to grow in this amazing character.”

“Plus, the friends you make and the experiences you have is invaluable.”

This prompted her to remember a “sassy, strong, independent woman.”

“She’s a single mum, a business woman. She’s edgy and fun and she has guts.”

“Getting to play someone who is that sassy and cool and glamorous but also has all of these complexities and layers to her which make the character so much more interesting and relatable. I’ve loved playing her and she’s been so much fun.”

Fiona then added: “She’s such a glamorous and confident character but she also has so many layers. It showed her vulnerability, insecurities and complexities.”

But what will the actress be up to next?

As Priya seemingly won’t be killed off, could the door be open for her return to Emmerdale?

Priya has been a part of life in the Dales since 2009

Could she return to the village?