I was on The Masked Dancer and these are the behind the scenes secrets that are never revealed on TV

Masked Singer of Cactus being revealed as Gareth Malon

THE Masked Dancer star Gareth Malone dished on behind the scene secrets after being unmasked on Saturday night.

The choir master spoke to HOAR about his experience on the wacky ITV show after being unveiled as Mexican wrestler Cactus.

The Masked Singer star Gareth Malone was finally revealed on Saturday night
Gareth was disguised as Cactus, a Mexican wrestler

Gareth, 46, recounted his very first audition to what it was like performing in disguise in front of the celebrity judges Oti Mabuse, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and newcomer Peter Crouch.

He said he had to prove he had rhythm first before he won a spot in the guessing game show and then was legally sworn to secrecy to keep his involvment under wraps.

He said: “When I got the call I thought ‘oh that is such a good idea.’

“I know nothing about dance. I was quite excited by the prospect of doing something completely random and learning to dance and the choreography I relished.

“I had an audition, you know ‘what’s he like, can he move’ and that went well … and you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). I was so petrified of getting it wrong because you sign your life away.

“You go off to your secret dance studio in a secret location in a secret car, and with a secret hat on. But even within the buiding if I wanted to go to the toilet I’d have to put my whole (disguise) on.

“But it was very conspiratorial, I really enjoyed.”

Gareth said they went to great lengths to keep his identity from being leaked.

He added: “I had a code name. I can tell you now because it won’t matter. So my code name was squirrel because that is like my spirit animal.

“I had Whatsapp groups with pictures of squirrels, that sort of thing. They don’t talk to you without using your code name. On email I was even known as squirrel.”

The dad of two also revealed celebs are boiling inside their heavy outfits, which include a hidden cycle helmet underneath the face of the character.

He said: “You weare this like cycle helmet underneath and then on the outside is the character and mid dance it can (wobble). It’s just so hot.”

Finally the stars are given in-ear monitors to listen to instruction from stage producers.

He added: “You have in-ears, so you have in-ears inside (the helmet) because you have to hear what’s going on, like one, two, three, four, go!”

Gareth was the fourth star to be eliminated from this year’s series of The Masked Dancer.

Gareth Malone will tour the UK later this year with his show Sing-Along-A-Gareth!

Gareth Malone will tour the UK later this year with his show Sing-Along-A-Gareth!