Ant and Dec say owning £35,000 racehorse with Simon Cowell was ‘awful’


ANT & Dec have opened up about the hopeless racehorse they once shared with Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, describing it as “awful”.

The duo claimed the £35,000 colt wasn’t even a thoroughbred — but just a normal horse.

Ant and Dec say owning a racehorse, which they shared with Simon Cowell, was ‘awful’

The national treasures also told how they regret not going to university and admitted they took their friendship for granted before Ant’s recovery from alcohol problems.

In an online chat to promote their new book, Once Upon A Tyne, Dec said of the horse: “It was awful, it was a dreadfully slow horse. It wasn’t a racehorse it was just a horse, ’cos it didn’t race.

“Every time we got to the BGT studio Simon would say, ‘I keep paying stable fees on this horse, but I’ve never seen it run’.”

Simon originally wanted to name the nag after himself, but they settled on It’s A Yes From Me when they bought it in 2013.

They bought the £35,000 colt in 2013 but it has since been rehomed

Dec revealed its eventual fate: “I think it got rehomed.”

The pair, who are celebrating 30 years of working together also claimed they regret never going to university after finding fame on BBC teen drama Byker Grove, and then as pop act PJ & Duncan.

Ant said: “I look back now and I kind of regret I never had the chance to go to uni.”

Ant temporarily stepped down from presenting Saturday Night Takeaway following his arrest for drink-driving in 2018 and return to rehab.

The presenting duo also talk about their time as PJ & Duncan, revealing they regret not going to university

Then pal Holly Willoughby  stood in for him on I’m A Celebrity.

Ant & Dec admitted they had taken their partnership for granted before the break and had to work on it before they started filming again.

Speaking to Dermot O’Leary in the interview, Dec said: “Because there was so much uncertainty with our career and partnership, we had to really step back and take stock of it all and almost get our friendship back on track, because I think we’d taken it for granted for too long.”

Ant added: “Having had that period where we weren’t together, there is a newfound gratitude for everything we do.”

Ant and Dec joined Dermot O’Leary to talk about their new book Once Upon A Tyne

Dec added: “It’s a really lovely time in our lives and in our professional career.”

Here’s to the next 30 years, lads . . .  

Jewel of the mile

MILEY Cyrus is a cut-out above the rest in this slinky black bejewelled dress.

The popstar dripped in diamonds as she flashed her flesh during a performance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week.

Miley Cyrus was dripped in diamonds during her performance of Midnight Sky on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Miley performed new track Midnight Sky and a cover of Hall & Oates’ 80s hit Maneater.

Explaining why she chose her second track, the US star said: “I think it’s very important to be transparent.

“I’m freshly single, so anyone watching that’s my future ex-husband, just know I told you.”

Offers on a postcard . . . 

Katie and hubby split after eight years

SINGER Katie Melua has split from Superbike champion James Toseland after eight years of marriage.

The Nine Million Bicycles singer spent lockdown apart from her hubby, who she wed in a lavish 2012 ceremony in Kew Gardens in West London, and has poured her heart into new music.

Katie Melua has split from James Toseland after eight years of marriage

A source told us: “They just grew apart and realised there was no future together.

“Katie has been throwing herself into her work, which has really helped her.”

Her new album – entitled Album No8 – is released on 16 October.

The Georgian-British star gives a glimpse into her feelings in new ballad Your Longing Is Gone.

A source says the couple ‘just grew apart and realised there was no future together’

She sings: “It used to really feel like we were high, flying. You could say our days were too good to be true.

“I loved it when you showed me that inside you were dying. Like I had to answer that pull from you. And then the leaves changed shades and up they flew.

“Your longing is gone, now don’t go trying to force it. Your longing is gone, I’m gonna leave with the morning dew.”

We hope it’s not too long before Katie’s singing a happier tune.